The Dutton family is at the center of the world. yellowstone universe, however, will change with these upcoming spin-offs. Taylor Sheridan’s overarching cowboy drama will add two new shows in the near future that will expand to focus on a different farm and a different character. upcoming shows 1883: The Bass Reeves Story and Saritas 6666 (pronounced four by six) – and each one is set to bring major changes to the overall series.

Viewers expect each of Taylor Sheridan’s spin-offs to focus on an extant generation of the Dutton family. Sheridan stepped outside of the massively popular cowboy aesthetic. King of Tulsa, may or may not be connected to the overall Yellowstone universe. Again, 1883: The Bass Reeves Story and Saritas 6666 will give audiences a new look beyond the threshold of the Dutton family. Saritas 6666 will likely re-introduce farm worker Jimmy Hurdstrom and his wife Emily, who left for a Texas ranch in Yellowstone season 4. 1883: The Bass Reeves Story It will serve as an anthology for 1883 Season 1, not a real sequel.

Why Will The New Yellowstone Spinoffs Be So Different?

1883: The Bass Reeves Story It will be so different that it will focus on Bass Reeves, an enslaved man, the US Marshal and the historical figure known for being an inspiration. Lone Ranger. Unlike other series, it will not focus on a single farm or family dynamic, but on the life of an extraordinary man who is a legend of his time. The Bass Reeves Story probably the most anticipated of the upcoming spin-offs.

Saritas 6666 will focus on a new farm, the Four Sixes, which plays an important role. yellowstone to show. Sheridan bought the real farm, so the show will likely take a closer look at the farm and its rich history. In addition to introducing new characters, a new part of the country will also be explored.

Why the Dutton Family Can Still Play an Important Role

This 1883 The Dutton family roams the vast expanse covered by Bass Reeves, so it’s possible that he stumbled upon the family in some way on his show. Sheridan probably won’t want to overshadow Reeves, so any appearances will likely be minor and primarily serve to tie the two together. 1883 The seasons Reeves’ travels brought him along the Oregon Trail before settling in Oklahoma, so his journeys could easily take him to many of the places pictured. 1883 sherry.

Saritas 6666 He’ll have an obvious connection to the Dutton family. yellowstone, for mentioning and mocking the Four Sixes farm in the main show. John Dutton also sent Jimmy to work on that farm, which is said to be a large part of the spin-off. While the two upcoming shows will take away from the Dutton family, they will expand the ongoing universe and add more nuance to the empire the Dutton family has created.