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Welcome aboard Xeno Command Mod Apk, a strategy game offline that combines roguelike elements with real-time strategies. You can command a powerful army of heroes and soldiers to protect the galaxy from Alien invaders in challenging battles.

Interstellar colonization has brought about a crisis on planets. Different factions have heroes who lead strong armies against the aliens, and help those in need. The hero of the galaxy is you! Your army will fight alien invaders.

Every Hero is unique in their own set of command skills, constructions and units. To gain more resources for your army, and to construct it better, keep defeating enemy forces. To win battles, make full use of all your techs and commands.

Xeno Command Apk Mod

Play Xeno Command Mod Apk anywhere, anytime

Controlling is easy – Theres no need to divide troops. Its also very simple to learn the commands and controls.

Roguelike elements: Ever-changing battlefields featuring randomly generated levels of battles and missions

Four Unique Factions

Each faction has its own Hero Commands skills, constructions, and units

100 Random Techs – Choose 1 of the 3 randomly chosen Tech Rewards with special buffs or skills. Each decision could change your destiny

Galaxy Exploration – Different planets have different styles and landscapes, including Barren Lava Machine or Warped Space

Bots Marines Combat units Flying troopers Laser Towers, and Supply Depots Command an army of any type of soldier to conquer and attack your enemies

Protective Constructions – There are dozens of buildings that you can unlock in order to protect your base.

Xeno Command Apk Mod

Challenge enemies

Over 100 Alien bosses and creatures will keep the fights exciting

Levels of difficulty – You like it Crazy or Normal Hard? The key to victory in war is tactical planning.

Are you a big fan of RTS video games? Sci-fi lover? Robot and mecha enthusiasts? Get your smartphone and join Xeno Command for some RTS fun! This single-player battle game lets you choose a Hero to lead your army and use strategy to fight against Alien invaders.

Xeno Command Mod info

unlocked the full version of the game

Mod info:
– unlocked the full version of the game
– activated debug and developer mode (“debug” options are available in the settings menu)

Options are available for menu control

– god mode
– high damage


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