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World War Armies is, without a doubt, the best real-time strategy game about World War II for mobile devices. This game will take us from surprise to surprise. You must look at the war from a different perspective and write a completely different story. Learn about epic WWII military tactics like blitzkrieg, trench warfare, warfare attrition, and night combat. Think like a real war commander of one of the largest armies in the world. There is no time to wait for the Omaha Beach mission, you must act now! This experience goes beyond the typical RTS strategy game. Immerse yourself in the PvP world, prepare the troops and enjoy the company of real men of war.



Because it is a mobile game, the mechanic must be simple for players to grasp. First and foremost, you face a long-term and historical conflict. As a result, many different types of armies can be controlled, and commanders must combine their abilities to create the most potent army. This is the first requirement for winning a fight and later a war.


For players who are unfamiliar, this game provides more than 20 different types of armies. They each have their unique set of abilities and power levels, and you must purchase them in a store and pick them up before a battle.As previously said, this game functions similarly to a card game. So you can select armies from the desk and place them in battle. They will appear and then fight till the finish, or they will be destroyed. However, it would help if you concentrated on the health bar. They have a distinct power; therefore, players must position them correctly to deal the most damage.


The gameplay of World War Armies will not be difficult for players who are familiar with games about shooting combat. Before entering the game screen, you must choose one of the armies you want to join the battle, after the selection is complete, you are equipped with weapons and ready to enter the official battle screen. Make quick and accurate decisions so as not to waste a bullet killing the enemy. Each win screen, you will collect a certain amount of bonuses.


This game allows you to change the course of history. To defeat the adversaries, you must travel to various locations and participate in fights.

As a result, players can participate in a wide range of battles and terrain. They are all exceedingly dangerous locations with critical strategic importance. Players must tailor their armies and design appropriate strategies to maximize the terrain advantage. Poorer terrain might sometimes force you into dangerous circumstances.


The familiar 3D graphics of World War Armies create beautiful color quality, attract players, and the combat context is also continuously transitioned to help you explore many fierce battle scenes. Sound effects with powerful gunfire make you more excited about the battle screen than ever, besides there are additional background music effects while choosing to upgrade weapons is equally attractive for you. this fighting game.

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