Why Did Carolyn Kill Villanelle? Spoilers Of Killing Eve Ahead

If you are at the end of the Killing Eve finale and wondering why did Carolyn kill Villanelle, there is a lot to know. Before getting into further details, let’s have a look at what the spy thriller is all about. It’s also a black comedy though. Killing Eve focuses on how her life of Eve has changed after she gets recruited by an intelligence agency. She directly gets into the path of the murderer, Villanelle. Despite her intention to kill her, there is an instant spark between the two of them, which attracts each other. 

Killing Eve made its debut on 8 April 2018, releasing four seasons one after the other. As far as the success is concerned, it has also won the British Academy Television Award. Talking about its plot, it is based on the novel, Villanelle by Luke Jennings. Fans are currently showing concerns about the reason behind the murder of the assassin Villanelle, by Carolyn. What happened between them? Here is what we know! 

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Why Did Carolyn Kill Villanelle?

Well, the characters, Carolyn and Villanelle in Killing Eve have been portrayed by Fiona Shaw and Jodie Comer respectively. By now, you must have understood that Carolyn somehow got involved in the death of Villanelle. But why?

Why Did Carolyn Kill Villanelle


Carolyn had to get herself saved from Villanelle’s group, on the way back into M16 by getting rid of The Twelve. That was the major reason why Carolyn killed Villanelle. It was made by her speaking “Jolly good” into a walkie-talkie. It was the latter’s foolishness that she got into Carolyn’s plan and got rid of The Twelve. Eve tried to help her, but she stopped fighting against her injuries. That finally led to Villanelle’s death.

Even though the actual reason behind Carolyn killing Villanelle is still not known, it follows the envy and jealousy that usually grows in human beings. Eve and Villanelle could have a happy life together, but Carolyn didn’t like that and failed to cope. That’s what the viewers have assumed about Villanelle’s murder. 

Why Did Carolyn Kill Villanelle


Fans’ Reaction To Villanelle’s Death

A majority of the viewers of Killing Eve haven’t liked the series finale. They are disappointed. Why? They felt like Villanelle didn’t deserve something better. Some have also complained that the series failed to develop the characters. People even took it to their respective Twitter accounts to share their reviews of Killing Eve. Despite being human, the creators made it appear like Villanelle is a supernatural creature big for the world. Did you like the series? 

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