WARNING: This article contains SPOILER about That ’90s Show season 1!90’s Show cast reveal the showrunners’ plans for future seasons of the show. Continuation of Netflix’s teen sitcom era, That 70’s ShowIt was developed by Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner, creators of the original series, which aired for eight seasons on Fox between 1998 and 2006. The show follows Callie Haverda’s original co-stars, Eric Forman (Topher Grace) and Donna Pinciotti’s (Laura Prepon) teenage daughter, Leia Forman, who moves to Point Place, Wisconsin to spend the summer with her grandfather Red (Kurtwood Smith). and Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp), in 1995.

Now, in a new interview collider, That 90’s ShowThe cast of Reyn Doi (Ozzie) and Maxwell Acee Donovan (Nate) have revealed the timeline for potential new seasons of the sequel.

As Doi and Donovan explain, creators 90’s Show The season will take place throughout the summer. That means the showrunners plan to jump forward one year each season in a row and follow the lives of characters reunited over the summer break. Read what the stars have to say below.

DOI: I guess so. I guess their plan was to do it every season in the summer. I think they said that in the interview.

DONOVAN: That’s what I heard from the Turners. Yes.

Could the Plan for the Next Season of That ’90s Show Work?

At the moment, it’s hard to say whether 90’s Show It would be season 2. While the ratings for the spin-off remain unclear, the sitcom didn’t quite make it to the Netflix Top 10 TV series list, and comments from viewers and critics continue to be polarized. Many people say that the series is a “ok my love“A drama that brings in a few sweet laughs and a warm dose of nostalgia, but clearly has trouble finding a footing of its own, and some gaps in the plot are hard to ignore. 90’s Show‘s modest reception is enough to warrant a sequel to remain controversial, and the decision is less likely to be announced at least a month from now.

In the scenario 90’s Show If season 2 does happen, the show’s producers’ idea of ​​making a season that spans a new summer could go both ways. First, disbanding the team after each summer break can disrupt the flow of things, as each season he will have to overcome the challenge of reuniting his friends. Plus, given where teens are in their lives, it would make much more sense to see them go their separate ways throughout the school year and lose contact by next summer. It would be too idealistic to ignore this phenomenon, and it can drive viewers away as they are forced to accept an unnatural comradeship between them. 90’s Show‘s characters.

Bringing Leia back to Point Place for the summer might work. 90’s Show In season 2, the producers will need to find a way to keep him permanently in Wisconsin for the series to continue. Replacing Eric and Donna seems like the best choice, but that won’t be possible unless Grace and Prepon take on a recurring role in future seasons. Another solution would be for Leia to move in with her grandparents, which would be hard for her parents to let go of their daughter, but considering Leia might really want to, she might be able to persuade them into such a deal. That said, it’s hard to say for sure what lies ahead for Leia and her friends at the moment, but as soon as Netflix announced its decision. 90’s Show In season 2, the show’s plot may become more transparent.

Source: Collider