It’s not uncommon to see all kinds of things going viral on the internet, especially on social media sites like TikTok. And just this week, a video that went viral on TikTok sparked a lot of rumors and speculation.

Recently, a video of a 163-year-old man on TikTok went viral on the @auyary13 account. Despite the fact that videos had been submitted to the account since January 2022, attention to the profile began to increase only in February.

Is the 163-year-old supposedly practicing mummification?

Films circulating show an elderly man lying in a hospital bed in Thailand looking very frail and emaciated.

As soon as his movies started appearing on people’s “for you” pages, everyone started talking about the man. Some have even claimed that the 163-year-old is allegedly a monk who engages in Tsukoshin Batsu, the practice of self-mummification. Thanks to the common practice of Buddhism, one can become a mummy while still alive.

Although rumors claim that the alleged monk is involved in such activities, these rumors are false.

The truth behind the 163-year-old man came out

It appears that his granddaughter, who has made several such posts, is the TikTok user who was allegedly uploading videos and audio clips about the 163-year-old boy. However, the rumors that the man is 163 years old are false.

Although the man in the popular TikTok videos is actually a monk, he is not 163 years old. He is actually Luang Pho Yai, a 109-year-old man from Thailand. Additionally, rumors regarding his age and his involvement in the practice of Sokoshin Batsu are false, despite the fact that he appears to be a monk from Thailand based on his clothing.

Yai’s videos on TikTok are moderated by Ayuary, and fans have been disturbed to see the man’s videos making wild speculations about his age and other details. Some expressed their fascination with the “163-year-old monk”, while others mocked him.

The man can be seen either lying on a hospital bed or interacting with his granddaughter in some of his famous films. And millions of people have seen these movies.

The most popular video shows a man sitting on a bed with both hands on the head of a small child. One video alone has over 74 million views with over 10,000 viewer comments.