Hollywood achieved its height and fame in the world of cinema only due to the masterpieces it delivered. A lot of people from all over the world have fallen in love with tons and tons of Hollywood movies. It was because the movies of Hollywood were just pretty different from the films of other cinema industries.

Hollywood reached its peak by producing some of the iconic movies in the action and adventure genre during the late years of the 20th century. One such important film of that period was Top Gun. You would’ve heard about the name Top Gun in the most recent of times. Starring Tom Cruise in the lead role, Top Gun Maverick stood as the most favorite film of the entire year 2022.

The Movie received the People’s Choice Award in the past year and is currently being nominated for various events. Top Gun Maverick was loved by a lot of fans for the sense of action and realism it infused at the same time. The movie was simple, real, and perfect. Tom Cruise and other supporting characters like Miles Teller and Val Kilmer brought up the value of the film.

What happened to Goose in Top Gun?

Top Gun: Maverick

Viewers of the movie were amazed by the visuals and the realism projected by the storyline. The whole film kept the audience entertained till the end. You will witness the heat of California throughout the film. Extremely talented fighter pilots seeking to accomplish their goals are the core idea of the film. The catch is that these pilots will be made to learn from a veteran pilot, who is none other than Maverick himself.

Top Gun Maverick is filled with the right amount of action and emotion, which makes it a masterpiece in today’s world of action and adventure-seeking fans. A lot of people fell in love with the film, but they were not pretty much aware of the storyline of the preceding film of the series, which laid the foundation for Top Gun Maverick’s plot in the year of 1986.

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Top Gun- A Brief Recap

Directed by Tony Scott and starred by the same lead characters as Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, Top Gun was released worldwide during the years of 1986. The film had several things which were considered unique, making the movie series complete and wholesome.

A lot of people who have watched the second installment of the series, Top Gun Maverick, will not be much aware of the character named Tom Kazansky, who was professionally known as Iceman.

The plot of the first film revolved around the life of Maverick, a very talented fighter pilot who is popularly known for his flying skills and presence of mind. But he is also known for another thing in his professional circle. It was his attitude.

He broke the rules and was a rebel throughout the entire film. Top Gun showcased the journey of this rebellious pilot who comes across different adventures and moments, which are good and bad, unlocking new pieces of character and emotion within himself.

But his appearance in the latest film would’ve felt a lot different and special for the fans who watched the first film before. Maverick and Iceman developed a bond throughout the first film, making them one of the unforgettable duos of the film series.

Talking about duos, Top Gun lovers would’ve remembered the character named ‘Goose,’ who was the close friend and partner pilot of Maverick. His name was mentioned in the latest installment, and his son would’ve played an important role in this film as well. What happened to him, though?


Death of Nick, also known as Goose

What Happened to Goose in Top Gun?

Nick, who is professionally known as Goose, was one of the talented pilots who belonged to the Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School. He became friends with Maverick, and the duo soon started to jump into action with their fighter jets.

Every moment of these stars sharing screen time proved to be very memorable to the fans. The film showed the growth of a beautiful bond between the lead character, Maverick, and his partner pilot, Goose.

But their friendship soon came to an end upon the death of Goose. The character of Goose was made to die in the storyline through an accident during a training flight session.

Maverick and Goose were partner pilots sharing the same fighter jet. They had a training session with other co-pilots and were rehearsing for combat. But an accident occurred, which forced both the characters to eject their seats from the jets.

The ejection of Maverick’s seat was perfectly timed, making his way escape defined. But the fate of Goose was unfortunate, and his seat was ejected moments after. His head was heavily hit by the canopy of the fighter jet as soon as his seat was ejected, leading to his sudden death without any delay. His body slowly descended on the ocean, and we can see a mourning Maverick holding his pal, Goose.

It was the end for that character, but he was referred to in the latest installment of the movie series. His son named, Bradley, professionally known as ‘Rooster,’ followed the footsteps of his father and became a fighter pilot, just like Goose did. Top Gun Maverick showed moments of bonding and hardships faced in the relationship between Maverick and Rooster. 

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