Latest Telegram Video Link: Mambo and Giulia Six artists are asked to think about the limits and potential of a single intimate area in light of the semi-isolation that the world’s population currently suffers. They are encouraged to view intimacy as an uncomfortable place of solitude. A strong sense of freedom.

Latest Video Telegram Link Mambo E Giulia

It aims to revise emotional experiences and conditions such as instability and emotional sensitivity in order to strengthen their creative qualities. It shows fresh expressions of love, friendship, and loyalty and reflects resources on the emotional and material planes that can expand our range of self-expression and desire.

First images of Alfa Romeo’s updated Giulia

It is clear that the purpose of love letters is to emphasize the intense intimacy that results from receiving one. In particular to indicate how the postal letter can enhance the mobility of care by transforming the distant voice into something corporeal and intimate.

Short narratives for interpretation by Giulia Crispiani (Ancona, 1986), Dora Garcia (Valladolid, 1965), Alison Grimaldi Donahue (Middletown, 1984), and Hamza Ahsan (London, 1981). Send yourself six letters, from each of the six artists, in the form of a composition or score that includes performance elements. Viewing reading as a transformative experience and fiction as rich ground for the expression of ideal scenarios, these works engage with the creative side of language.