Shajarkari High School Fight Video

Recently, a very hot and scandalous video of two girls aggressively fighting and pulling their braids is trending on the internet. They are trying to kill each other in a small argument and this video is allegedly from Plantation High School. And the canteen workers did the same without joining any kind of settlement.

What happened there?

Does it matter that the students were involved in a deadly situation and the women died? The incident between these two girls is tarnishing the reputation of educational institutions and creating a lot of attention. Nothing is known about the two men because they are not on social media, their names are unknown, and they were trying to kill each other.

This is not the first time that such incidents have occurred in this school structure. In 2017, a similar situation occurred, and the school’s principal said the school needed more security to deal with the fight. This well-known institution was established in 1971, and there was a warning in the neighborhood that some children were fighting and jumping.

Watch Plantation High School Fight Twitter Video Goes Viral

The families and friends of these two accused are still silent and refuse to speak. It is the responsibility of the school management to suspend these two students

and improve the behavior of its young citizens by educating them to become more civilized human beings so that they become an asset to the society instead of a menace.

More security guards are needed, and there is no word on the medical condition of the two girls or the injuries they sustained in the fight. Police departments have started an investigation into the matter and will look into the probable cause. And if they have to punish these young women.

His subordinates and classmates weren’t trying to stop him, and he was having a good time fighting. And cheering for your favorite player in the game. Some teachers have already said they will never send their children to school because they know what goes on behind the scenes.