On Thursday, November 3, 2022, AKBP Nanang Prihasmoko, Deputy Chief of Bali Police Kompol, said, “We are aware of the leaked s*x video and we are currently investigating the case, but at this time we are not commenting on the position.” are unable Trying to locate the case and video recorded outside Bali or the country.

Kabaya Meera Bali Indo Video

After watching the video and the chaos that followed, the police filed a report, and Bali Regional Police are now looking for the couple who wore masks and played the red kebaya s*x video. The video first appeared on Twitter and Reddit before spreading to other websites and attracting the attention of cyber police.

Watch Kebaya Merah Bali Indo Video Goes Viral On Reddit, Twitter & YouTube

Anyway, the keyword of this viral video is Kebaya Merah leaked on Twitter and Reddit in full, pics s*x, and it shows many intimate scenes, as the name suggests. The video has sparked widespread outrage, and the matter is now under police investigation. Red kebaya s*x videos are still causing havoc in cyberspace.

The video went viral on Twitter and Reddit

Not only men but also women were seen wearing black masks. According to the investigation, the video was recorded in the hotel room

. The person seen in the video is wearing only a white towel. On the other hand, the identity of the actors is still in limbo.

Red kebaya s*x videos feature women and men dressed as hotel staff and guests, with the female protagonist of the video wearing a braided hairdo and black high heels. Apart from this video, the man’s scarf around his waist is also quite surprising. In the video, the woman is seen wearing a brown scarf.

They are trying to film a scene, in which the woman in red is initially handing over an ashtray after knocking on the bathroom door. Two men were then seen wearing only towels. From the start of the video, both men in the video are wearing masks that cover their faces, making it difficult to identify their faces.