Warhammer Vermintide 2 has players fight the forces of Chaos amongst humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs. Essentially, Vermintide 2 reunites the five Heroes of Uberseik to stop a new threat of Chaos in the peaceful town of Helmgart. Thankfully, each Hero has individual specializations that give their team a fighting chance against the enemies.

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However, Warhammer Vermintide 2 now boasts special careers that expand a Hero beyond their traditional RPG stereotype. With each career transforming the playstyle of their characters, which of them stands out the most?


Updated on November 8th, 2022 by Hodey Johns: Since the release of this article, two new careers have made it through that needed to be added to this list: Warrior Priest of Sigmar and Sister of the Thorn. After adding these two, it came time to address the overall list itself. Originally, very few of the careers could reliably win on Legend and Cataclysm difficulties. Now, gamers can make an argument that any of these characters is the best. They can all clear the toughest missions with nothing but some bots to back them up. Furthermore, they all have different roles. It’s tough to compare a support character and a stealthy assassin. This list has been reorganized to compensate for these differences, but be aware that player preference and experience are far more important than these rankings.


Passive Ability Critical Mass Increased critical strike chance based on Overcharge level up to 30%.
Career Skill The Burning Head Sienna unleashes a fiery projectile that seeks out foes.
Perk Searing Focus Increased range damage by 10%.

The Pyromancer is lackluster, getting a minimum of three skills. The career skill is nothing better than what others have to offer and the passive ability only works if the Pyromancer is actively hurting herself with a high Overcharge. While some classes boost the whole team’s ranged damage, Sienna only helps herself. The Pyromancer is about two perks short of being below average which is why she lands where she does on this list. Barring a great mod for the game to nerf the Overcharge penalty, the Pyromancer’s dangerous play doesn’t have the benefits to match the risk.


Passive Ability Blood Magic 50% damage taken transformed to Overcharge.
Career Skill Living Bomb Sienna explodes, dealing damage to surrounding enemies and clearing her Overcharge.
Perk Slave to Aqshy No Overcharge slowdown.
Perk Unstable Strength Increased melee power on high Overcharge by up to 60%.

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There is a community tradition of badmouthing careers that try to incentivize high Overcharges for a good reason. High Overcharge deals damage to the user. Extra damage is welcome, to be sure, but no ability in the game is worth taking damage. On higher-difficulty runs, this often results in instant death either from the Overcharge or from a loss of life. Most of the time, it’s just slowly losing due to the combination of both.


Passive Ability The Dance of Seasons Increased dodge distance by 15%.
Career Skill Dash Kerillian swiftly dashes forward, moving through enemies.
Perk Renewal Aura that increases stamina regeneration speed by 100%.
Perk Ariel’s Bastion Increase Kerillian’s revive speed by 50%. When Kerillian revives allies, she heals them for 20 health.

The Dance of Seasons allows players to move out of area-of-effect abilities that would ordinarily hit Kerillian. But for advantage, her active ability has no damage tied to it, Renewal is only useful for block-heavy teams, and Ariel’s Bastion depends on downed players to be useful.


Passive Ability Assassin’s Blade Double damage when attacking enemies from behind with melee attacks.
Career Skill Infiltrate Kerillian becomes undetectable, gains bonus damage and can pass through enemies. Lasts for 5 seconds or until she attacks.
Perk Dagger in the Dark Melee Attacks from Stealth are always Critical.
Perk Blur Parrying an Attack and quickly Dodging grants Kerillian Stealth for short period.
Perk Murderous Prowess Charged Critical Backstabs instantly slay man-sized enemies.

The Shade’s biggest drawback is hardly its fault; most careers are capable of killing enemies quickly after they get geared up so her tricksy damage against minions becomes somewhat unremarkable eventually. The Shade is one of the best classes for players who are just barely trying out tougher difficulties, but its stealthy gameplay borders on too slow to keep up with geared groups.

Ranger Veteran

Passive Ability Survivalist Specials drop ammunition pickups on death that restore 10% of maximum ammo when picked up.
Career Skill Disengage Bardin deploys a smoke bomb for 10 seconds that conceals him from enemies whilst he stays inside the cloud. Also gains increased ranged attack power while concealed.
Perk Loaded for Battle Increases ammo capacity by 50%.
Perk Fast Hands Increases reload speed by 15%.
Perk Ingenious Improvisation Using any Healing Supplies, Potions, or Grenades has a 10% chance to not consume the item.

The 10% ammo drops from Specials are a big deal. Ranged physical damage careers have a lot going against them already, being out of ammo constantly is a great problem to avoid.

Sister of the Thorn

Passive Ability A Cluster of Radiants Kerillian is granted Radiance (a free use of her career skill) every 60 seconds.
Career Skill Thornwake Kerillian conjures a Thorn Wall that hinders enemy movement. The Thorn Wall lasts for 6 seconds.
Perk Blackvenom Blades Melee attacks apply a Poison that deals damage and increases damage suffered by 12% for 10 seconds.
Perk A Sustenance of Leechings Whenever another party member receives temporary health while at full health, Kerillian gains temporary health instead.
Perk An Attendance of Munificents All healing by the party is increased by 25%.

Thornwake is a strange ability. It does block enemies from advancing but it also blocks allies as well, so it can be difficult to find a good use for it. However, An Attendance of Munificents is a good support skill and Blackvenom Blades is one of the best monster debuffs in the game.


Passive Ability Waste Not, Want Not Ranged headshots recover 1 ammunition.
Career Skill Hunter’s Prowl Markus disappears from sight for 6 seconds. When he attacks or fires a ranged weapon he gains boosted ranged attack damage and shooting his ranged weapon does not consume ammunition.
Perk Poacher’s Mark Double effective range for ranged weapons.
Perk Call Out Weakness Aura that increases critical strike chance by 5%.
Perk Deep Pockets Increases ammunition capacity by 50%.

The Huntsman draws lots of ire within the community due to its underwhelming active ability. It lacks the ability to take out Hordes and is only moderately effective against single targets assuming players are excellent at landing headshots. But for those who enjoy taking out enemies from long range and thinning out crowds before rushing into combat, some may use this as Markus’s preferred career calling.

Bounty Hunter

Passive Ability Blessed Shots Guaranteed range critical hit every 10 seconds.
Career Skill Locked and Loaded Victor fires a powerful shot that pierces enemies.
Perk Ammo Pouches Increases ammo capacity by 50%.
Perk Quick Release Increased reload speed by 15%.

One of the biggest drawbacks for most ranged classes is the inability to shoot throw mobs, but Victor’s Locked and Loaded skill does the job. The guaranteed critical hits give him some potential against monsters and other bosses.

Battle Wizard

Passive Ability Tranquility After not casting spells for 6 seconds, automatically ventilates Overcharge.
Career Skill Fire Walk Sienna teleports forward, leaving a blanket of fire in her wake that lingers for 6 seconds.
Perk Reckless Haste Overcharge increases spell charge speed by up to 30%.
Perk Pyromantic Surge Increases ranged damage by 10%.

Sadly, all three of Sienna’s careers have a problematic incentive to try and get a high Overcharge, but thankfully Reckless Haste is not a core part of the class. The Battle Warrior’s automatic venting of Overcharge will allow her to cast more spells and recover between fights quickly.


Passive Ability Amaranthe Kerillian regenerates 3 health every 10 seconds when below half health.
Career Skill Trueshot Volley Kerillian shoots a volley of arrows that seek out enemies in her path.
Perk Arrow-storm Increases ammo capacity by 100%.
Perk Waywatcher’s Bow Double effective range for ranged weapons.
Perk Asrai Vigil Ranged weapon zoom. Bound to weapon special by default.

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Most of this skill set is a pretty basic archer layout, but special attention should be given to the Amaranthe passive. Regenerating health to half when low is a remarkable skill on tougher difficulty ratings, allowing her to carry on just fine when other ranged damage dealers would be on death’s door.


Passive Ability Trophy Hunter Hitting an enemy grants a stacking damage buff. Increases damage by 10%, stacking 3 times. Buff lasts 2 seconds.
Career Skill Leap Bardin leaps forward to stun a target and gains 30% increased attack speed for 10 seconds.
Perk Path of Courage Increases attack speed by 7.5%.
Perk Drengi Grit Charges attacks can’t be interrupted by damage.

Between Trophy Hunter and Path of Courage, Bardin should always lead the damage charts as a Slayer. He’s all offense and no defense, leaving him prone to getting surrounded or hit by bosses, but the upside is often too good to resist, especially in parties with supportive careers.

Grail Knight

Passive Ability The Lady’s Duty Upon entering a mission the Lady of the Lake grants 2 random duties for the Grail Knight and his party to complete. Upon completion of a Duty the party is granted a Benison for the rest of the mission.
Career Skill Blessed Blade Markus equips a blessed blade and slashes down with great force, smiting any evil creature caught in its wake and dealing heavy damage.
Perk Knight’s Challenge Deals 25% more damage to the first enemy hit.
Perk Thirst for Glory Increases movement speed by 10%.
Perk Bastion of Bretonnia Markus can use shields to block Warpfire Thrower attacks.

Often considered one of the best frontliners, the Grail Knight gets a shield, extra damage, and some randomly selected buffs upon completion of a Duty. If there is any weakness here, the Blessed Blade is tough to land and the randomness of the Duties can be unfortunate depending on the party composition.

Outcast Engineer

Passive Ability Build Pressure Holding Reload with the Steam-Assisted Crank Gun (MkII) equipped builds Pressure. Each stack of Pressure lasts for 12 seconds and gradually restores the Ability Bar. Stacks up to 5 times.
Career Skill Steam-Assisted Crank Gun (Mk II) Unleash the fearsome firepower of Bardin’s custom creation. Shots reduce the Ability Bar. Any accumulated Pressure is lost upon firing.
Perk Gunsmith Increases max Ammo by 50%.
Perk Spotter Increases Ranged Power of nearby allies by 10%.
Perk Utility Belt Bardin can carry up to 3 Bombs (of any type) at one time. Pressing the Bomb keybind cycles between them.

One of the few players that can give himself a faster career skill, the Outcast Engineer’s only weakness is his sub-par play between ability cooldowns. The Utility Belt is great for monsters of persistent groups that somehow survive the barrage of his Steam-Assisted Crank Gun.

Passive Ability Protective Presence Aura that reduces damage taken by 15%.
Career Skill Valiant Charge Markus charges forward, slamming into enemies and knocking them back.
Perk Teal’s Fortitude Grants an extra Stamina shield.
Perk No Guts, No Glory Reduces damage taken by 10%.

Reducing the entire party’s damage taken by 15% and personal damage by 25% is the difference between winning and losing many of the game’s toughest encounters. The Foot Knight isn’t very exciting to watch and its success depends on a strong team but experts love it when they get matched with one.


Passive Ability Fiery Faith Power increases by 5% for every 25 health missing.
Career Skill Holy Fervor Victor charges forward and gains 25% increased attack speed for 5 seconds.
Perk Unswerving Strikes Charged attacks can’t be interrupted by damage.
Perk Heart of Iron Resist death on taking lethal damage.

As perhaps the most popular career for hardcore gamers, the Zealot gives players more power when they are lower on life. However, unlike the Overcharge classes, Heart of Iron allows the Zealot to survive when initially taking lethal damage. The flail’s charge is fantastic against large mobs of enemies.


Passive Ability Paced Strikes Hitting 3 enemies in one swing grants 10% increased attack speed for 6 seconds.
Career Skill Morale Boost Markus grants nearby allies 25 temporary health and staggers nearby enemies.
Perk Hitting the Sweet Spot Attacks cleave through more enemies.
Perk No More Laughin’ Now! Increase crit chance by 5%.

The Mercenary is blatantly designed to favor charged-up melee attacks. Unlike some other classes, it is possible to interrupt the attacks, but a good tank can give Markus the chance that he needs. Morale Boost is considered extremely strong and he is often tagged as a top-tier support career due to this skill alone.


Passive Ability Gromil Armour Completely absorbs one hit every 20 seconds.
Career Skill Impenetrable Bardin taunts all nearby man-sized enemies, gains increased defense, and can block any attack for the next 10 seconds.
Perk Dwarf-Forged Reduces damage taken by 30%.
Perk Doughty Grants and extra stamina shield.
Perk Resilient Decreases stun duration after getting hit by an attack by 50%.

The biggest drawback with having a main tank in the party is how enemies often ignore the tanks as they pour out from all angles. Impenetrable forces these enemies to attack Bardin, making good use of all those defensive boosts. There is no wearing down the Ironbreaker over time, cracking his defenses is just too tall a task for all but the toughest boss fights. Gamers can pour many hours into the game and keep coming back to the Ironbreaker because they’ll miss playing with an unkillable character.

Witch Hunter Captain

Passive Ability Witch-Hunt Tagged enemies take an additional 20% damage. Does not stack with similar effects.
Career Skill Animosity Victor pushes back nearby enemies and boosts nearby allies’ critical hit chance by 25% for 6 seconds.
Perk Eternal Guard No light attack block cost from frontal attacks.
Perk Killing Shot Critical hit headshots instantly slay man-sized enemies.

It’s hard to think of a better teammate than Victor as the Witch Hunter Captain. The 20% damage boost against targets he has attacked is truly a boss-killer. But he’s a force on his own as well, instantly killing any enemy that he strikes in the head and blocking any attack in front of him at no cost.

Warrior Priest of Sigmar

Passive Ability Righteous Fury Saltzpyre gains Fury when enemies die nearby. On reaching 100% Fury, he briefly enters Righteous Fury and his attacks Smite the enemy for 20% of weapon damage. Saltzpyre loses Fury while out of combat.
Career Skill Shield of Faith Saltzpyre imbues himself or an ally with a shield, rendering them immune to damage for 5 seconds. Upon expiring, the shield explodes, inflicting damage on nearby enemies. Hold to target allies.
Perk Enemy of Chaos 30% bonus to Power vs Chaos Warriors and Beastman Standard Bearers.
Perk Incorruptible 100% Curse Resistance.
Perk Implacable Damage dealt to Saltzpyre is reduced by 20%. A further 20% of incoming damage is dealt to Saltzpyre over 3 seconds. Saltzpyre cannot be killed by damage dealt by Implacable.

There will always be room for dispute, but if the community had a consensus pick for the best class, it would have to be Saltzpyre’s Warrior Priest of Sigmar. The 20% damage boost is permanent while players are pushing the action. The 20% mitigation is on par with other elite tanks and then the shield on top of it protects him during the worst moments of a fight. Once he gets the best gear, it is hard to argue for other classes.

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