The year 2022 will end within a month & we have already got some good dramas such as Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Tomorrow, One Dollar Lawyer, etc. There are many more like this.

Korean dramas are getting more views recently due to various platforms streaming dramas. Many dramas are also getting released. The year 2022 has a lot of dramas coming forward.

So, if you are curious to find out about the upcoming dramas so you can watch them, read on.

Upcoming Kdramas in December 2022

Some of the ongoing dramas will end in December – May I Help You, The First Responders, and Curtain call, to name a few of them. Many dramas started airing in November. Now, get ready to watch new dramas.

korean dramas december 2022

Here are the Korean dramas that will start airing in December 2022. These dramas can be streamed on some free streaming sites if you don’t live in South Korea.

1. Recipe For Farewell

Chang Rae’s wife suffers from terminal bowel cancer. She also has difficulties eating and asks him to cook for her every day, even though the only thing he knows how to make is ramen. He cooks for her with love and she eats little bits of his food.

recipe for farewell Kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Han Seok Kyu as Kang Chang Rae
  • Kim Seo Hyung as Da Jung
  • Jin Ho Eun as Kang Jae Ho
  • Yang Kyung Won as Yang Soo Won

No. Of Episodes – 12

Airing Period – Dec 1, 2022 to Feb 16, 2023

Network – Watcha

2. Unlock The Boss

Seon Ju, a 39 year old genius CEO of a large corporation accidentally dies and becomes a smartphone. In Seong, a 29 year old job seeker accidentally picks up the smartphone and they work together to find the killer and the reason behind it.

unlock the boss kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Chae Jong Hyeop as Park In Seong
  • Park Sung Woong as Kim Seon Ju
  • Seo Eun Soo as Jeong Se Yeon
  • Byun Jun Seo as Nam Sang Won

No. Of Episodes – 12

Airing Period – Dec 7, 2022 to Jan 12, 2023

Network – ENA

3. Money Heist: Korea Part 2

The drama, a remake of the Spanish drama, follows the storyline and characters of the original series. The Professor plans to pull off a heist on Korean Peninsula. The operation involves desperados with different characteristics and abilities.

money heist korea part 2 kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Yoo Ji Tae as Professor
  • Park Hae Soo as Berlin
  • Jeon Jong Seo as Tokyo
  • Lee Won Jong as Moscow

No. Of Episodes – 6

Release Date – Dec 9, 2022

Network – Netflix

4. The Forbidden Marriage

The drama depicts the story of King Lee Heon who has issued a marriage ban in Joseon after the death of his crown princess seven years ago, and So Rang, a scammer who claims that she can be possessed by the late princess’s spirit.

the forbidden marriage kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Park Ju Hyun as Ye So Rang
  • Kim Young Dae as Lee Heon
  • Kim Woo Seok as Lee Shin Won
  • Yang Dong Geun as Jo Seung Gyun

No. Of Episodes – 12

Airing Period – Dec 9, 2022 to Jan 14, 2023

Network – MBC

5. Work Later, Drink Now Season 2

The drama tells the story of three women whose life philosophies revolve around having a drink after getting off from work. Ahn So Hee is a television writer, Han Ji Yeon is a yoga teacher, and Kang Ji Goo is an origami Youtuber.

work later drink now season 2 kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Lee Sun Bin as Ahn So Hee
  • Han Sun Hwa as Han Ji Yeon
  • Jung Eun Ji as Kang Ji Gu
  • Choi Si Won as Kang Buk Gu

No. Of Episodes – 10

Airing Period – Dec 9, 2022 to Feb 10, 2023

Network – tvN

6. Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow

The drama is set in the fictional nation of Daeho, a country that does not exist in history or on maps. The drama tells the story of characters whose fates become twisted due to a magic spell that swaps people’s souls.

Alchemy Of Souls Part 2 kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Lee Jae Wook as Jang Uk
  • Go Yoon Jung as Naksu / Cho Yeong
  • Hwang Min Hyun as Seo Yul
  • Shin Seung Ho as Go Won

No. Of Episodes – 10

Airing Period – Dec 10, 2022 to Jan 8, 2023

Network – tvN, Netflix

7. Connect

A human being with a secret ability for quick recovery from any physical injury gets kidnapped by an organ trafficking organization. Then he finds out that one of his eyes has been transplanted into a serial killer who is infamous in Korea.

connect kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Jung Hae In as Ha Dong Soo
  • Go Kyung Pyo as Oh Jin Seop
  • Kim Hye Joon as Lee I Rang

No. Of Episodes – 6

Airing Date – Dec 11, 2022

Network – Disney+

8. Red Balloon

A story of four people attempting to quench their desires and appease their heartbreaks. A school teacher failed to pass the exam, a powerless man running a business, a struggling wife, and a doctor who doesn’t like his job.

red balloon kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Seo Ji Hye as Jo Eun Kang
  • Lee Sung Jae as Ji Nam Chul
  • Lee Sang Woo as Go Ji Won
  • Hong Soo Hyun as Han Ba Da

No. Of Episodes – 20

Airing Period – Dec 17, 2022 to Feb 19, 2023

Network – TV Chosun

9. Trolley

The drama tells the story of Joong Do, a member of the National Assembly and his wife who hides her past. It will showcase the dilemma and struggles that couples face as their secret got revealed to the world.

trolley kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Kim Hyun Joo as Kim Hye Joo
  • Park Hee Soon as Nam Jung Do
  • Kim Mu Yeol as Jang Woo Jae
  • Jung Soo Bin as Kim Soo Bin

No. Of Episodes – 16

Airing Period – Dec 19, 2022 to Feb 7, 2023

Network – SBS

10. Island

Based on the webtoon of the same name, the drama takes place on Jeju Island. It depicts the sorrowful and bizarre journey of the characters who are fated to fight the evil that is trying to destroy the world.

island kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Kim Nam Gil as Van
  • Lee Da Hee as Won Mi Ho
  • Cha Eun Woo as Kang Chan Hyuk
  • Sung Joon as Goong Tan

No. Of Episodes – 12

Airing Period – Dec, 2022 (TBA)

Network – TVING

11. The Glory

A revenge story that begins with a high school student who had to drop out of school after suffering from brutal school violence. Years later, she starts her revenge on the perpetrators and bystanders of her bullying days.

the glory kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Song Hye Kyo as Moon Dong Eun
  • Lee Do Hyun as Joo Yeo Jung
  • Im Ji Yeon as Park Yeon Jin
  • Park Sung Hoon as Jeon Jae Joon

No. Of Episodes – 8

Release Date – Dec, 2022 (TBA)

Network – Netflix

12. Missing: The Other Side 2

The drama is set in a village inhabited by the souls of people who went missing while they were alive. There, a group of people search for missing bodies and try to discover what happened to each of them.

missing the other side 2 kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Go Soo as Kim Wook
  • Heo Joon Ho as Jang Pan Seok
  • Ahn So Hee as Lee Jong Ah
  • Ha Joon as Shin Joon Ho

No. Of Episodes – 12

Airing Period – Dec, 2022 (TBA)

Network – tvN

Wrapping Up

So, these were the upcoming Kdramas that will start airing in December 2022. You can either watch them while they air one by one or binge-watch after they are completely released.

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