Making his own way to Beacon Hills, Tyler Posey ponders Dylan O’Brien’s absence Teen Wolf: The Movie and expresses hope to be reunited with his former co-star. Posey led the cast of the MTV series as Scott McCall, a high school soph*more from California whose life is turned upside down when he is bitten by an alpha werewolf, transforming him into a creature, and setting him on a path to protect his hometown from his entire host. Against supernatural threats with the help of his best friend Stiles and born werewolf Derek Hale. Posey and Tyler Hoechlin reprise their roles for Paramount+ Teen Wolf: The MovieIt’s the turn of an important face as Scott assembles his team of allies to face one of his deadliest allies.

talking to Entertainment Canada Tonight To discuss the sequel to Paramount+, Teen Wolf: The Movie star Tyler Posey has opened up about Dylan O’Brien not returning for the movie. When asked about the possibility of reuniting with the Stiles actor, Posey expressed hope to work with O’Brien again at some point in the future, even if it’s outside of the fan-favorite supernatural series. Check out what Posey has to say below:

I always wanted to work with Dylan. And I would love to do something else with him, even outside of ‘Teen Wolf’. I don’t know if that’s possible just because of the bond we have with ‘Teen Wolf’.

Why Isn’t Dylan O’Brien In The Movie Teen Wolf?

At the time the movie was announced, O’Brien wasn’t the only original actor who wasn’t sure of his return. Teen Wolf: The Movie, because he’s reportedly unsure if Tyler Hoechlin will also be returning to the project, but it will finally be approved about eight months later. O’Brien has since announced his decision not to return for the film, and that it’s a “difficultHe said he tried to get him to work for someone and his program, but his hasty nature to get the film off the ground kept him from returning. But despite that, O’Brien was very supportive of the film. Teen Wolf: The MovieHe said he’d watch it on the premiere night and was hoping.ass f**k“.

Most of O’Brien’s cohorts are not aware of his absence. Teen Wolf: The Movie, including Posey and Hoechlin, the former noticing the actor’s absence in the series’ final season, while the latter remembering to feel his presence in the script. Series creator and film writer Jeff Davis had previously confirmed that the film would directly address O’Brien’s absence, and hinted that there would be a big story surrounding Stiles’ love, Lydia, in the movie, especially their relationship. O’Brien, though not starring in the film, has a unique connection to him. Teen Wolf: The MovieHe revealed that Stiles had to loan his Jeep production for it to come out, and Davis later explained to the actor that they had given the car to the actor, promising to return it if they needed it down the road.

O’Brien’s Teen Wolf: The Movie The absence left a lot of doubt in the minds of fans of the franchise as to whether the film would have succeeded without one of its main characters. early reviews for teen Wolf The sequel proved to be split, with some praising its nostalgic elements while others criticizing its 140-minute runtime and lackluster ending, but with many stating that the door is left open for more stories in the future, another installment can be hoped for. He planned to bring back O’Brien’s Stiles. Only time will tell when Teen Wolf: The Movie It premieres January 26 on Paramount+.

Source: ET Canada