.Happy everyone. We are back this time with exciting and popular news. In addition to the 16-minute Twitter video, links and other information, the coach will discuss the details of the most recent Red Kibaya video link that went viral on TikTok.

Trendy Kebaya Merah Video 16-minute video becomes popular on TikTok and Twitter

Recently, Lal Kibaya Meera’s video clip featuring a lady posing as a waiter took everyone by surprise. In the video, various remarks have been made regarding the woman in the red kebaya.
It quickly rose to popularity, became a trending topic, and took on a divisive turn. This Red Kebaya video was posted by a user from a TikTok entry.

Watch Online

It is known that a woman wearing a red kebaya has uploaded a video under the username @vr****d1. The video garnered an immediate response from FYP, and many comments.

Kebaya Merah yang Viral di TikTok dan Twitter

An online user may see a video of a woman in red knocking on a hotel door. A woman was wearing a red cape and a black rag over her eyes. He also picked up a glass ashtray and tried to enter the room dressed in a garque colored dress. However, the movements of the woman in red are still unknown. Video Thumbnail User vr****d1 wrote and read: