Any fan of the Netflix reality series Apartment knows how important puzzles are for experience. Each player is left to himself, spending all his time in a separate apartment, secluded from the others. While text-based chats are combined with short trips to the apartment gym or rooftop pool (still in the cell), players must find ways to keep themselves entertained.

This often includes playing silly solo games like darts, cooking, cleaning, doing makeup and hair, and tackling tricky puzzles. For fans of the show who want to get the full feel of the experience, Amazon has tons of great puzzles to do with their favorite actors. Plus, Amazon Prime membership shoppers can enjoy free shipping and other discounts!

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Wonderful World Puzzle

List Price: $30.14

The awesome World Map puzzle was originally featured in one of the episodes of the show. In season 1, actress Miranda was seen doing exactly this puzzle while having text conversations with others, including season’s eventual winner, Joey.

The puzzle, measuring 24×24 inches, is designed to be assembled on the floor or any other large surface. Made in the UK, it consists of 1,000 pieces and includes images from countries around the world.

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NGFD Catfish Puzzle Types

List Price: $20.00

Deal Price: $9.30

Get a little sassy with the NGFD Catfish Species puzzle playing on the show’s theme — actors either playing as themselves or as “catfish”, pretending to be someone they’re not and using someone else’s photo as a photograph. profile picture.

With 500 pieces, this puzzle can easily keep players busy during their time on the show, even if they make it to the finals. Once assembled, players can learn about the different types of real catfish and their defining characteristics. It’s fun to gather with friends and family while watching the show.

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White Mountain Puzzles: I Love the 1980s

List Price: $19.99

While the actors themselves don’t hear the show’s soundtrack, each episode features some great pieces from the 80’s and 90’s. Most of the actors are young and some weren’t even born in those years. The White Mountain Puzzles I Love The 1980s Puzzle is a fun way to learn more about the decade.

Not only is it filled with colorful and recognizable images from decades in pop culture, it’s also Return to the future Rubik’s Cube logo, but players and fans can also learn something that can come in handy during a quiz or competition.

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Moruska Gradient Color Rainbow Puzzle

List Price: $16.99

Literally go through a puzzle that’s truly round with the Moruska Gradient Color Rainbow Puzzle, featuring a rainbow of colors that match the show’s leading LGBTQ+ themes. With 1,000 pieces and an intricate pattern, it will surprise gamers for hours, just what they need. It’s likely that fans at home will be working on this puzzle the entire time they watch each new batch of episodes.

The challenging puzzle is recommended for adults 18 and over and measures 26.6 x 26.6 inches. While it may be difficult, players will love to sort by color and do it piecemeal as the hours and days go by.

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Clearly Impossible Puzzle

List Price: $79.99

  • Available in 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 pieces

While there is a sense of satisfaction in completing a puzzle, in a similar game Apartment, doing so means there is nothing left to do. Obviously Impossible Puzzle can be frustrating, but it will be appreciated by players and fans alike. No matter how hard they try, they will find that it is getting harder and harder to complete.

This is because the 1,000 pieces (there are also smaller versions) all look the same and have a plain white and black pattern. However, with all the time players have, they will feel an even greater sense of accomplishment if they manage to finish it.

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White Mountain Puzzles: Puzzle of the 1990s

List Price: $19.99

Apartment Not only did he make a few references to the ’90s in the soundtrack and with the actors that grew up at the time, he also featured a few pop culture figures from that decade. in season 2 N’Sync Band member Lance Bass was there (sort of) through his personal assistant, Lisa, who likes to go cat hunting.

Meanwhile in season 4, the two members spice girlsPlaying as a young man, Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) and Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) prey on the others. Indeed, among the many popular culture images of the decade, such as FriendsKurt Cobain and Bill Clinton include an image of the White Mountain 1990s jigsaw puzzle. spice girls.

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EuroGraphics Love and Pride Puzzle

List Price: $23.59

Deal Price: $20.47

One of the recurring themes Apartment It’s love and acceptance, and there’s always a few LGBTQ+ players every season. That’s why EuroGraphics Love & Pride Puzzle is a great option to remind fans of these themes; They put together a rainbow-colored puzzle with a big heart in the front and center and sprinkled with the words “love” all over it.

This puzzle not only encourages love for others, but also self-love. Measuring 19.25×26.5 inches and complete with 1,000 pieces, this is the feel-good puzzle that fans can look at and work on when they’re feeling down.

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Buffalo Games Aimee Stewart Beauty Guru Puzzle

List Price: $14.99

Deal Price: $12.99

Open Apartment In Season 2, fan-favorite Jack became known to others as a catfish for a specific reason: There was a challenge where actors had to put makeup on a model. It was clear from her failed attempt that she was not the young college woman she was impersonating.

This Buffalo Games Aimee Stewart Beauty Guru puzzle silently pays homage to what fanatical fans consider one of the most unfair interruptions on the show to date. With 1,000 pieces, she will engage her fans for hours while training some components of makeup.

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Tea Time Puzzle

List Price: $26.99

Open Apartmentwhenever private conversations take place between two or more people, it’s usually about “spill the tea”, modern terminology for gossiping about what’s going on.

The Tea Time Puzzle is a fun way to celebrate the spilling of tea while players secretly discuss what’s going on behind the scenes and other conversations. It is 1,000 pieces with an assortment of colorful mugs and teapots throughout and measures 27×20 inches when complete.

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EuroGraphics Emoji What’s Your Mood? Crossword

List Price: $17.99

Deal Price: $14.94

because the players Apartment they can only communicate with each other through text-based messages, the use of emoji is very common. After all, it’s the only way to express tone, context, and purpose in the best possible way without the other person or people hearing the tone or seeing the expressions.

EuroGraphics Emoji What’s Your Mood? Includes puzzle pieces and all of the most popular emojis, from basic smiling to crying emoji to laughing, sleeping, excited, angry and more. Once put together, this puzzle will provide some great ideas for emoticon emojis.

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