The TikTok Money Calculator gives you the ability to estimate how much money you may make via your TikTok account if you feel that you are an influencer on the platform due to the amount of interaction you get and the number of people that follow you.

Not to be confused with the Chinese version of TikTok, which is called Douyin. This is for the “Western” version of TikTok.

The following tools are not affiliated with or approved by TikTok in any way, and should not be considered official TikTok tools. We designed this tool in order to give influencers instructions about their prospective earnings. In the end, the company and the influencer come to an agreement on what each party believes to be a reasonable price for the endorsement of the product or service. This is merely an estimate, and the actual results might vary substantially depending on the market, nation, audience geography, and audience brand affinity.

Developing Your Own Personal TikTok Account
Even taking into account the fact that it was once known as, TikTok is still considered to be a somewhat young platform. As a result, users are still figuring out the most effective strategies for achieving success on the site. TikTok, ironically, works best when combined with another social network. This is one of the most effective strategies. Some of the most influential users on TikTok are also among the most successful creators of compilations on YouTube, such as those titled “Best of TikTok,” and they are able to successfully use the advertising platform that YouTube has developed.


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