One piece by Eichiro Oda is a popular anime with over a thousand episodes currently. That One piece World is full of facts and mysteries. To show its degree on this scale, the main character’s dream, Luffy, is still unknown to viewers even now. The mysteries and excitement encourage most fans to keep up with the anime.

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Also, it offers an amazing pirate world with adventures. In this pirate world, devil fruits are spread, each with its uniqueness. They belong to three categories namely logia, paramecium and zoan. Each of them with their specialties help people who eat them gain an ability, along with the fruit’s curse, causing them to lose the ability to swim.


10/10 awakening

In addition to the superhuman qualities that Devil Fruits offer, there is another level of their uniqueness. Although a Devil Fruit user has a certain power bestowed by the fruit eaten, they have an extraordinary level known as Awakening. Upon awakening, the power of the Devil Fruit unleashes a will of its own, transforming to represent the elements of the fruit.

A user’s mind and body catch up with the fruit’s powers, allowing them to express their power differently. Not all Devil Fruit users can awaken their Devil Fruit as a select few have only achieved this capability in the series. Each category of Devil Fruit awakens in a different way. However, it’s worth noting that a Logia-type Devil Fruit has never been seen in the Awakened One piece World.

9/10 Products from devil fruit under water

In fact, devil fruit consumers drown underwater. However, sea water does not affect the effect of exercising a devil fruit power. For example, Law was still able to use his space ability in his submarine even though he and his crew were underwater.

This reinforces the point that the effect of a Devil Fruit user’s power is underwater; as long as the user himself does not come into contact with sea water, the effect of his powers will not be affected by contact with the water.

8/10 Inanimate objects can have devil fruit powers

dr Vegapunk found a way to give inanimate objects devil fruit powers. However, the details of this experiment are unknown. Ideally, people in the series eat devil fruit and gain the power that the fruit possesses.

In two instances, however, inanimate objects “ate” devil fruit and received the power within. An example was when Mr. 4’s weapon, Lasso, absorbed the devil fruit Mutt Mutt, a Zoan-type fruit. Another object with Devil Fruit power is Funkfreed, who ate the Elephant-Elephant Zoan fruit. Some fans are suggesting that this ability might only be available for inanimate objects that absorb Zoan-type fruit, not Paramecia or Logia models.

7/10 Possession of more than one Devil Fruit

When a Devil Fruit user eats a fruit, they are believed to possess the power of that fruit and cannot possess any other. This fact was disputed when Blackbeard, a former member of the Whitebeard Pirates, owned two. Before Whitebeard died, he possessed the Dark Dark fruit; However, after his (Whitebeard’s) death, Blackbeard claimed the Quake Quake fruit through unknown means and came into possession of two.

Some fans believe that this may not be achievable by other characters, and this is because Blackbeard may have two souls within him. his and rocks. This fact remains unknown for the time being.

6/10 Fishman and Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits are known to have the ability to permanently remove a user’s ability to swim. Although the fishman’s habitat in this case is mostly underwater, most fans were intrigued by the idea of ​​a fishman having a devil fruit so they could see what would happen if he fell into seawater. Jack survived an attack by Zunesha that sent him underwater.

This is because he is a fish-man known to breathe underwater. However, his movement was restricted by the curse of the devil fruit he was eating. Therefore, Fishmen possessing Devil Fruits also lose their ability to swim, but are able to breathe underwater.

5/10 Devil Fruits appear randomly

So far, based on the series, when a Devil Fruit user dies, their fruits appear in random locations. Contrary to some opinions some fans may have about it, devil fruits respawn in different locations and so far in the series there is no one who can predict where a fruit will spawn after its former user dies.

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Some fans believe that Blackbeard may have figured out a way to find her; However, this information is not confirmed, and it is suspected that Blackbeard has this information due to networking in the pirate world.

4/10 Haki can correspond to devil fruit

Before the war in Marineford, Haki did not play a dominant role in the One piece World. Pirates and marines generally fought each other with skill or devil fruit. However, after the war to save Ace in Marineford, Haki successfully integrated into the series.

Now it serves as a worthy resistance to the power of the Devil Fruit. With their “invisible” ability to be unaffected by attacks, Logia users can be attacked with Haki. Also, with this development, non-devil fruit users now serve as worthy opponents for fruit users.

3/10 Artificial devil fruit

Originally, Devil Fruits were the only things that could bestow any form of superhuman strength on an individual. However, fans have been introduced to man-made devil fruits that offer the same power or something similar. dr Vegapunk created the first artificial fruit that offers a user the power that devil fruits have.

In addition, Caesar Clown came up with the idea of ​​Vegapunk and created Zoan-type artificial fruits known as SMILE that give a 10% chance of labor. In terms of identification, compared to the authentic appearance of devil fruit, artificial fruit has a circular pattern.

2/10 Strength in rarity

One thing the One piece The Devil Fruit world has shown that the rarer a fruit is, the more likely it is to possess a powerful power. These fruits offer superiority and inferiority in the Force, which increases the quest for these fruits.

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However, there is no way to tell if a user of a rare superior fruit will gain the upper hand in a battle with an inferior fruit. This all depends on the user’s strength and ability to master the fruit. One thing is certain; Rare Devil Fruits offer rarer abilities.

1/10 Devil Fruits must be mastered

A consumer does not automatically gain strength from eating a fruit. Devil Fruit users need to train and understand their skills to know the techniques they can use. A user who does not do this will not be able to use their power to the maximum. Depending on the user, it can take seconds to master a fruit; for some it can take years.

Mastery also refers to a user’s stamina; When a fruit consumer becomes tired, they cannot use their strength efficiently and must rest to regain their strength.

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