Blumhouse horror movie There is a problem with the children it has a shocking ending, but the story of the movie adds to the rewatch. There is a problem with the children It is the latest in a long series of horror films that make kids spooky. In this Blumhouse horror flick, Ben and Margaret join their friends Ellie and Thomas for a secluded getaway, but things go terribly wrong when Thomas and Ellie’s kids, Spencer and Lucy, start displaying some seriously awful behavior after their walk on an awkward set. .

After the walk, Ben and Margaret look after Spencer and Lucy at night so that Ellie and Thomas can rekindle the relationship. The next morning, Spencer and Lucy were nowhere to be found. Ben returns to the ruins and sees two children jumping into a dark abyss there. Horror movie then shining”bright place“The bottom of the pit seems to pull the children deep into itself. The traumatized Ben returns to tell Margaret, Ellie, and Thomas that the children are dead, only to make Spencer and Lucy look alive and well in the cabins.

What Happens in The Kids Finally Got Something Wrong?

An extremely frightening Spencer and Lucy begin to confuse him, while Ben tries to explain what has happened inconclusively. Margaret, Ellie, and Thomas accuse Ben of making it up or having hallucinations, and things take a turn for the worse when an argument between Ben and Spencer ends with the boy choking to death. Ben is in ruins while Thomas calls the police. Then, with a suggestive twist children of cornLucy attacks and neutralizes her father, Thomas, in the woods, while Spencer revives himself and brutally kills his mother, Ellie. Margaret realizes too late that Ben is telling the truth about children in the 2023 horror movie.

Margaret finds Ellie’s corpse and is followed into remote cabins by Spencer and Lucy, whose true form, resembling a monstrous, giant beetle, is briefly seen in the shadows. Margaret manages to escape the children, but is thwarted by Ben’s return. At first she is delighted to see her partner, but soon Margaret realizes that Ben has also jumped into the pit in the ruins and has been replaced by a chilling counterpart. Margaret stabbed Ben and escaped with the help of the barely alive Thomas. Margaret takes him on an open path and sets out to freedom only for Spencer, Lucy and Ben to stand in his way. Like There is a problem with the children ends, Margaret prepares to crush them.

Is there a problem with children’s children?

Other creepy horror movies Spiritualist they used demonic possession to explain their monstrous children and Omen‘s murderer child justified by his familial bond with the devil himself, There is a problem with the children does not offer similar easy answers. The bright spot in the ruins seems to hypnotize the children, leading them to jump to their death. However, it is unclear whether the monstrous doppelgängers tormenting Margaret and Ben are the same children after undergoing a psychic transformation, or whether they are new monsters that mimic the shape of children (and later Ben). The monsters talk like children and hint that they could be the real Spencer and Lucy.

Was Ben changed because there was a problem with the kids?

However, the doppelganger of Ben also tells Margaret that he wants to start a family with her (possibly so that these monsters can spread their influence further). While the Real Ben is good with children, he was also reluctant to start a family and settle down with Margaret before his trip to the ruins in the horror movie. Therefore, there is good reason to believe that There is a problem with the children‘s monsters took the form of human victims, rather than using the original humans as hosts. Finally, There is a problem with the children does not offer an answer to this ambiguous riddle.

Why Did I Return to Bright Place?

Ben was clearly traumatized by witnessing their death when he saw the children jump into the abyss. This trauma was compounded by her horrified confusion when she returned minutes later to find them alive and well in the huts. So why would Ben return to the scene of his death after Spencer drowned and his family called the police? The answer is that Ben wants to understand what happened in the Bright Place and is sure that something contained in horror movie ruins will explain what’s going on. Ironically, he was technically right. Back in the ruins, Ben was tempted to jump into the abyss.

So Ben learned everything the kids learned there. But the discovery of the character came at the cost of his life. The supernatural threat that Bright Place entails is never made clear on screen (although giant insects, whether alien or earthbound, seem to be the culprits). Ben discovers what this threat is, but his curiosity has cost him his life and has allowed unseen monsters to assimilate him. There is a problem with the children‘s bad guys took Spencer and Lucy before. This reinforces the literal meaning of the word. There is a problem with the childrenit’s ending.

What Does It Mean If There’s Something Wrong With The Ending Of Children?

This There is a problem with the children like the last Blumhouse horror movie PatientThe ending is about the dangers of mindless conformity. especially, There is a problem with the childrenHe sees Margaret fleeing death alone, as she is the only character who is certain of her convictions. Margaret doesn’t want children and won’t be dragged into accepting a lifestyle that doesn’t suit her, despite the persistent pressures Ellie and Thomas put on her. As a result, Margaret refuses to return to the ruins and does not look at Bright Place.

Margaret manages to push Spencer and Lucy to Bright Place and briefly eludes Ben. However, in There’s something wrong with the kidsAt the end of , Spencer, seemingly unharmed, must choose between joining Lucy and Ben’s spooky” or he mows them with his car. Unlike Ben, who is unsure of his beliefs (which ultimately proves his downfall) throughout the horror movie, Margaret plunges directly into them on stage. There is a problem with the children The ending proves that the hero of the horror movie is not afraid to save himself and refuses to be drawn into a diabolical plan against his will.