Cody Rhodes is officially involved in the upcoming project. royal noise match and WWE there are now a handful of difficult booking options to take on the road WrestleMania 39. Ever since American Nightmare announced that he tore his pectoral muscle while training. Hell in a Cell, Fans have circled January 28 as a possible return date. It represented a bit of a physical stretch for Cody Rhodes, but nothing out of reach. It looks like it will be ready in time for Rumble in two weeks, which could create friction in WWE’s ongoing plans and stories.

Before we get into the meat and potatoes subject here, these are Triple H and Co. Remember that there are good problems for have. Usually, the excitement of the road WrestleMania Vince McMahon is annoyed by Brock Lesnar and a handful of stars insisting that the biggest cards of the year be included in the main event matches. Appearing at Beast Encarnate royal noise and even winning is out of the question, but it is not a forgone result as it was in the past. There are a lot of interesting (and fun) moving parts to consider, so let’s examine how the return of Cody Rhodes created some tough calls for WWE.

The Rise of Sami Zayn Mixes Cody Rhodes’ Thrust

In the absence of Cody Rhodes, there have been a few changes to the onscreen landscape of WWE. The biggest was Sami Zayn’s emergence as the most extravagant wrestler on the roster. royal noise approaches. It’s getting incredible reactions from the live streamers. So much so that while Paul Heyman worried that Zayn’s reactions would offend Roman Reigns, the ongoing story of The Bloodline was written in pop. Tribal Chief denied that the chants bothered him, but WWE planted the seed.

Zayn’s rapid rise in popularity has been organic, and WWE viewers know it. There’s a Bryan Danielson type vibe to Sami right now, and anyone else who wins must have fear of being booed in the competition. Royal noise. Rhodes was like a wanderer. Hell in a Cell, however, it may not be in WWE’s interest to force fans to choose between him and Zayn.

Kevin Owens was already preparing to wrestle Roman Reigns. royal noise and Usos working with Doomsday Raw30th anniversary show doesn’t make much sense to hide Zayn at the upcoming premium live event. While Cody is already committing royal noise, the only possible solution would be to have Sami Zayn wrapped elsewhere on the card. It may not have gotten to the point where fans would boo his lack of involvement, but oneWe Want Sami“Divine can derail the whole thing and push Cody Rhodes’ face in the process.

What About Rock Vs. Roman Reigns?

It’s no secret that WWE wants to include The Rock. WrestleMania 39 in a capacity. With the event going on in Hollywood, it makes perfect sense to have Dwayne Johnson in the selection frame as the company tries to put on the biggest show possible. What’s unclear is The Rock Vs. Roman Reigns is still in play as the main event of the Showcase of Immortals. He is one of the favorites to win royal noise, According to Las Vegas, and this presents WWE with another set of complex conditions regarding the battle royal winner.

There is a possibility that WWE would like Cody Rhodes’ massive championship win to happen by this date. WrestleMania 40, but given the uncertainty surrounding the company at the moment, it doesn’t seem wise to even pencil in booking plans for 2024. If Rhodes fails royal noise, then the odds look good that the championship chase will be played sometime in 2023. Rock Vs. The Reigns feud also tips the winner of that match. Unless WWE, due to its continued interference with Raw, ensures that Reigns is stripped of the WWE Championship and subsequently forfeited the Universal Championship on: Elimination Room, There aren’t many good ways to finish Roman’s historic run before April. It also may not be a worthy exclamation point to what Reigns did last year.

A few months ago, Cody Rhodes was back to win. royal noise It was a dunk win for WWE. Absolutely brainless. But Sami Zayn has emerged as a true X-factor in his absence, and The Rock still exists as a possibility. With only two main activities to get around WrestleMania and While The Rock, Rhodes and Zayn all make sense in their own way, the company has some tough stories to weave in the weeks and months ahead. Again, these are good issues WWE should have. Having so many wrestlers that fans might want to see at the main event WrestleMania Reigns Vs. Lesnar for the 162nd time. It will still be interesting to see how Triple H and his writing team navigate the waters between the two countries. Raw 30 and WrestleMania 38. WWE Fans should buckle up as things can get wild all of a sudden.