The pale afterlife is an indie title coming in February that puts you in the shoes of a reluctant captain whose seagoing vessel is trapped in the ice.

This rather interesting looking game challenges you to keep yourself and your crew alive while stranded on the ice.

The Pale Beyond launch trailer

In this adventure survival game you are part of the Temperance crew exploring the polar south in search of the viscount and his crew. The missing ship had set out towards the Pale Passage in search of the absolute magnetic south and had not returned from the expedition.

While navigating the harsh landscape, which can change at any time, the ship gets stuck in the ice and the captain disappears. As the new, involuntary captain, you are now responsible for keeping 24 crew members and 12 sled dogs safe, fed and warm as the polar winter approaches. Not an easy task in such an inhospitable place.

You must tread carefully as there is a high probability of mutiny. Every vote counts, so keep the crew on your side. And please don’t let the dogs die. You can always give someone else the job or bosun or something else. You can’t get new dogs, and one less person is one less mouth to feed (I’m such a horrible person!).

Watching the video was reminiscent of the 2018 TV miniseries The Terror starring Jared Harris. However, unlike the series, the game does not appear to contain any supernatural elements. Surviving the ice and hunger will be enough to deal with it I suppose.

Bellular Games, founded by YouTuber Michael Bell (BellularGaming) and Creative Director Thomas Hislop, is the development studio. The duo received support and funding from Northern Ireland Screen and The Treasure Hunters FanClub.

The Pale Beyond will be released on February 24th for PC. You can now wishlist it on Steam, and if you’re interested in the premise, try the demo. The Pale Beyond will task you with surviving a long winter locked in ice