Day N7 has come and gone with a slew of updates and a cool teaser for the future of Mass Effect. The most exciting of these is a short video that was initially jumbled and fragmented upon release, but was quickly deciphered by the online Mass Effect community.

For the full collection of updates, see the official N7 daily blog post. This site begins by introducing the world to a selection of veteran developers working on the next big Mass Effect project, including project lead Mike Gamble, who previously worked on both Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem.

Rewatch the Mass Effect Legendary Edition trailer if you’re tempted to do another full playthrough.

The post also introduces a number of N7-Day promotions that series diehards can partake in, including some N7-Day cosmetics for The Sims 4 coming November 17th. Dark horse and flounce design.

The teaser video is finally here. After it’s decoded, you can hear dialogue between Mass Effect companion and Shadow Broker Liara T’Soni and some sort of robotic life-form. She says: “Exactly. The Council will be furious. Although they should know by now not to underestimate human defiance. [robotic response] I see it. How did we miss that?”

So, as you can imagine, sniffer dogs go berserk trying to pick apart the conversation. While Liara’s voice is unmistakable. The robot she appears to be speaking to sounds a lot like a geth, which is very exciting considering Legion was one of the best teammates in the series (I won’t take replies). Additionally, the mention of the Council implies that there has been some societal rebuilding since the events of Mass Effect 3.

One of the big problems is that it’s hard to tell exactly how much time has passed since the events of Mass Effect 3. The huge space structure we see doesn’t look all that much like anything we’ve seen before in the series, although it does have some visual similarities to seasons of past games.

Either way, it’s an exciting (if small) drip feed of content for thirsty Mass Effect fans. We have no idea when the next game will be released or even revealed, but with senior staff being introduced and working on it publicly, I can’t imagine it taking too long. Fingers crossed!

If this news has prepared you for another Legendary Edition playthrough, we have some handy guides on the site that should help you, such as what the best starting class is and what the best Legendary Edition armor is! The Mass Effect sequel was teased on N7 Day with cryptic video unraveled by fans