Warning! Spoilers waiting for you about The Last of Us episode 2.

The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey has shared a new behind-the-scenes photo from episode 2 that highlights the practical set design for the series to create the apocalypse. HBOs based on the Naughty Game Playstation video game franchise what’s left of us It premiered last week to strong reviews from critics and a large audience. The series follows Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Ramsey) as they wander through a post-apocalyptic version of the United States, two decades after a deadly fungus wiped out the population and turned thousands into flesh-eating infected creatures. what’s left of us The most recently aired episode 2 sees Joel, Ellie and Tess (Anna Torv) avoid infected gangs as they roam the city of Boston.

Duration what’s left of us Episode 2 features some intense fight scenes and brutal character death, a new photo Remsey The sharing shared on Twitter proves that behind the scenes things are much more comfortable.

In the photo, Ramsey stands with Pascal and Torv in front of some abandoned vehicles that have overturned and overgrown. The foreground features some impressively practical set designs, while the Calgary, Alberta city skyline in the background also proves that the production also relied heavily on visual effects to bring the series’ post-apocalyptic vision of Boston to life.

How The Last Of Us Nails The Apocalypse

what’s left of us Video games are highly praised for their portrayal of post-apocalyptic America and layered characters, and the show has been no different until now. After a startling sequence that showcased the outbreak of the Cordyceps infection and the chaos that followed, what’s left of us Skipping forward two decades, he builds an oppressed world where Joel lives in one of the last quarantine zones under authoritarian rule. Rather than showing the world as fast as it can, the show keeps everything rooted to the character, following Pascal’s reluctant hero, now a hardened survivor as he crafts an escape plan after his daughter’s death.

While episode 2 further expands the world of the series and shows how society has deteriorated since the Cordyceps outbreak, much of the action remains surprisingly intimate. what’s left of us There are some stunning set pieces and VFX-heavy moments in Episode 2, but Joel continues to focus on the dynamic between Ellie and Tess. Much of the show’s impressive world-building is actually done through 14-year-old Ellie. As a teenager who has never known life outside of the apocalypse, Ellie’s amazement at the interior of what used to be a luxury hotel helps her understand what life really is like for her in the new world, while also helping to tear down Joel’s brutal exterior.

As shown in Ramsey’s latest behind-the-scenes photo, what’s left of us it is also excellent at blending practical effects and visual effects. Practical set design, such as overturned, ivy-covered cars, helps make the series’ post-apocalyptic America feel real and tangible; it’s a fundamental element when it comes to investing audiences in the world. Only two episodes already proving to be very impressive, what’s left of us As Joel and Ellie continue their dangerous journey, it is certain that the post-apocalyptic world will develop further in the coming episodes.

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