Three years ago our lives changed forever: we met Baby Yoda. Disney+ launched the Star Wars TV series spin-off on November 12, 2019 The Mandalorian Premiere next to it. In theory, the show is about the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) – but from the moment this diminutive version of Yoda appeared, the show was all about this adorable little fella.

To celebrate this auspicious day, Lucasfilm has released a special Baby Yoda short film exclusively on Disney+. But this isn’t just some Baby Yoda hoopla pulled from the set The Mandalorian. “Zen – Grogu and Dust Bunnies” was produced in collaboration with one of the most talented, storied and creatively most successful film studios: Studio Ghibli. The result is a stunning, charming, incredibly delightful three-minute sweetheart.

Admittedly, there isn’t much to this hand-drawn film. Grogu (Baby Yoda’s real name) meditates and uses the Force to levitate off the ground while becoming one with his inner spirit. He’s soon interrupted by a group of wide-eyed, hopping “dust bunnies,” isn’t he Susuwatari, as they are known in Japanese. These sprites are iconic Studio Ghibli characters that appear in the films My neighbor Totoro and the Oscar winner spirited away.

What follows is an impressionistic, kinetic dance between Grogu and the dust bunnies as the little Jedi tries to escape from these little pests. On a great shot, Grogu will jump ahead, trying to put more distance between himself and the following sprites. When he stops to see if he lost her, a dust bunny smacks him squarely in the face, throwing him onto his back. It’s a beautifully illustrated, flowing sequence that fits right in with the palpable energy that is Ghibli’s best-known works.

Another distinguishing feature of these cute shorts is their unique look. This is not simply a work of hand-drawn anime; Director Katsuya Kondo used a style reminiscent of Japanese calligraphy, schodo, for “Zen”. The characters are drawn with thick brushstrokes, minimal coloring, and on a background that resembles traditional rice paper. Kondo draws on authentic, historically Japanese artistic conventions for Ghibli’s contribution to the Star Wars canon; it’s strikingly brilliant stuff.

Perhaps most importantly, this short film shows Grogu at his sweetest. The last shot shows the little green dude making peace with his new sprite buddies after they gave him a peace offering: a pretty flower. If Ghibli is known around the world for anything, it’s for the studio’s ability to weave the fantastic with the enchanting. That’s a little reductive – movies like spirited away, Princess Mononokeand castle in the sky are more than cute. They are among the most atmospheric, best constructed, and uniquely satisfying films ever made, regardless of the medium. But they’re also pretty darn cute, just like my type, Baby Yoda.

If you have three minutes – and you absolutely have if you’ve made it this far – you owe it to yourself to watch this peaceful, perfect short film. Do it for Baby Yoda. Studio Ghibli, Star Wars Baby Yoda Short on Disney+