The director of Sonic Frontiers, the latest in Sonic Team’s commendable efforts in bringing 3D Sonic back to form, has replied to fans on social media, hinting at a potential return to Sonic Adventure’s gameplay in the future.

More Sonic Adventure-focused level design could be coming

The response was prompted on Twitter by one fan asking about the future of boost gameplay in 3D Sonic games, to which Director Morio Kishimoto responded:

“When I started working on this game, I thought a lot about whether or not it would be possible, and decided to [use] Boost. I’m still thinking of trying a Sonic game that doesn’t use boosts in my next game.”

The director went on to respond to more fan questions in the same thread, and rather unpromptedly made an exciting mention of his own desire to implement Sonic Adventure’s level design and gameplay in the future.

Kishimoto’s hinting response regarding Sonic Adventure was triggered by one fan asking why boost and spin dash mechanics couldn’t coexist, with the director explaining his appreciation for boost and eagerness to “experiment” with both.

He goes on to say that he has a “feeling” that he wants to attempt level design without boost, looking to Adventure’s legendary design for possible inspiration.

This nod to Sonic’s roots is sure to have fans rabid for more information, with plenty now looking back on the blue hedgehog’s earlier forays into 3D with a nostalgia that Sonic Team would certainly do well to capitalize on. In other news, Fire Emblem Engage has undergone some censorship in the English version, and with Forspoken’s embargo looming, Square Enix still hasn’t sent out review codes, but why?