Skybound confirms 4 games for Xbox Game Pass

Skybound Games confirmed four of its games are coming Xbox Game Pass in a new video released during the Tokyo Game Show. Xbox Game Pass continues to add and remove games from the popular service, but this announcement from SkyBound Games also confirms that an upcoming title will be a day-one release of the service, after only being announced earlier this week. Three of the four games announced for Xbox Game Pass will be coming to the service later this year, while the day one release title has no release date.


Skybound Games is the developer and publisher of the final two installments of the popular The Walking Dead: The Final Season game, so it’s not surprising that one of the titles scheduled for release this year for Xbox Game Pass is The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Skybound Games took over this project after the previous developer TellTale Games’ sudden closure in 2018.

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Next to The Walking Dead: The Final Season, three other titles have been confirmed for the popular Xbox Game Pass in the announcement video published by the official Xbox account on YouTube. Two of the other titles are Rainbow Billy: The Curse of Leviathan and The big scam. Both games are smaller indie games that Skybound Games is familiar with and received positive reception on their original releases. Also included is the game coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one Homestead Arcana, a farming life simulation game. A release date for the title has not been announced.

While Homestead Arcana does not have a release date, having another game available on Xbox Game Pass on day one is a win for the majority of players. The other three titles also fit the service well given how well indie games seem to do for the service. The critically acclaimed immortality came to Game Pass in August. There are also titles such as Goat Simulator which have gained popularity since their appearance on the service. In addition to indie games, there are also many AAA games in development heading towards Game Pass, like the upcoming Soulslike Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty from the ninja team.

With this announcement, it’s clear that Microsoft has its eyes on bringing as many different titles to Xbox Game Pass as possible. While Xbox Game Pass updates its library of titles fairly often, the service has allowed subscribers to try new titles that they may not have tried in the past. This could be the chance for gamers to experience many indie titles that didn’t initially reach such a large audience.

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