After that”Single Hell 2” ended, netizens are rightfully obsessed with knowing if couples stay together.

It should have been the most popular pairing of the series. Lee So E and Kim Se JunWinning the hearts of the viewers throughout the series.

during instagram On the live stream, one contestant seemed as interested as netizens to see if they were still an item.

Of course, throughout the show, Lee So E and Kim Se Jun She melted the hearts of netizens with their interactions and slow-burning relationships.

Despite having less airtime than some of the other contenders, they quickly became everyone’s favourites. OTP!

Kim Se Jun He even put the internet into a slump after he shared his first official couple photos after leaving the show.

Although the show has ended, the couple seemed close as ever, making netizens believe they are still together.

It seems that even the other contestants are certain Lee So E/ Kim Se Jun educate and want to learn as much about their relationship as netizens.

On January 24 (KST), all “Single’s Inferno 2″ The actors were ready to interact with fans on Instagram. two of them Shin Dongwoo and Jo YoongJaeThey were together and rightfully decided to talk to the fans.

If that wasn’t enough, the duo was later joined by none other than fan favorites. Lee Nadine and Lee SoE. The four of them chatted about anything and everything together, making netizens laugh with their iconic interactions.

Still, the contestants also seem to be out to buy a special tea, especially nadine.

During the Instagram live broadcast, nadine suddenly asked Kim Se Jun and whether he is awake. Of course, this is a very personal question.

While this is just a general query, netizens think he has a hidden agenda that works perfectly.

While no one can answer, Lee So E He responded quickly and even netizens were shocked by the speed of his response.

Luckily, if netizens didn’t understand what he was saying, Dongwoo was quick to turn Lee So EThe answer is in English.

He explained that he said,Jin Young and Kim Se Jun did an Instagram Live Stream at 05:00/06:00 in the morning.“Confirming.” Lee So E He explains that he is asleep.

Of course, anySingle Hell 2Fans know this Lee So E he was talking about the truth Kim Se Jun unexpectedly joined Kim Jin Young‘s Instagram is live earlier in the day.

Like other contestants’ posts, Kim Se Jun and Jin Young‘s Instagram livestream was filled with hilariously chaotic moments.

When the video was released, netizens instantly thought: nadine He had helped confirm that the two of them were together, and he wanted them to be a couple as much as anyone else.

Being asked about ur boyfie whereabout by the ppl who know both of you and ur boyfie, is a common and normal unconscious practice tbh
*Cough* Soe *cough*
Referring to Nadine asking (Soe) about Sejun

They also liked how quickly Lee So E can answer a question about Kim Se Junwhere it is.

A sharp-eyed netizen also noticed that they both Lee So E and Kim Se Jun their cameras weren’t on, but when they did, the background was similar.

Different Jo YoongJae and seo eunnone Lee So E nor Kim Se Jun officially confirmed their relationship. However, with all the evidence, it seems impossible to think otherwise.