“Single Hell 2” followed single Koreans trying to find love. As the show was watched around the world, the contestants’ popularity skyrocketed as netizens followed on their journey to find them.A

Now that the show is over and the contestants have become more famous, they meet up with the show’s fans and act like stars.

Kim Se Jun He was a contestant who arrived late but quickly became a fan favorite.

Throughout the show, her warm personality and sense of humor came as a surprise as she was very different from what she looked like. As for how you feel about Lee So Eturned into a romantic and clumsy person.

Seems like Kim Se Jun He can be a real gentleman even when the cameras are not working which shows his true personality.

Kim Se JunIts popularity has grown since the show ended.

Inside TikTok video, a fan said they met Kim Se Jun While in Korea. They also showed a video of what it was like to meet. Kim Se Jun.

Kim Se Jun At first he seemed like a completely different person. Instead of being confident and funny, he looked almost shy as he signed photo cards of himself (He really lives the idol life).

After that Kim Se Jun He signed some photos and was thanked by netizens, bowing to them, showing how nice and kind he is.

He made sure to give netizens their pens back as well.

Despite a glimpse of his celebrity status with a peace sign, Kim Se Jun She quickly panicked again when the netizen either revealed how happy she was to meet him or said that she hoped he would be happy.

When the video was shared, netizens couldn’t understand how cute it was Kim Se Jun how they look and interact in real life.

Nevertheless Lee So E she’s an actress and she’s a tailor, netizens loved that she had her own photo cards.

Kim Se Jun She’s not the only contestant who’s been noted for speaking to fans since the show ended.

Shin Dongwoo He seemed cold and distant on the show, which made him one of the most disliked contestants.

But a recent interaction with a fan shows that it couldn’t be more wrong.

Martina (@marti.twiggy on TikTok) said he met. Shin Dongwoo in Milan, Italy. In a video, he even seems to have shared a cup of coffee, which shows how cool he is.

In addition to taking a short TikTok with him and saying that he looks better and younger in person, the OP of the video said that he is a very nice person.

Since the show is so popular around the world, it’s no surprise that all the contestants have become real celebrities.

While they may sometimes look different in public, these conversations show what the contestants really are like.