gardevoir and gallade from pokemon

Gardevoir was undoubtedly one of the most popular Pokemon when it made its debut in generation 3. Therefore, it was so no surprise that it got a male counterpart in the generation that followed, Gallade. Players could now evolve a male Kirlia using a special item if they wanted a different option besides Gardevoir. Each one has its merits and weaknesses, but which is the better one? This will tell you if you should use Gardevoir or Gallade in Pokemon Go.

Polarities Between Gardevoir And Gallade

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The main difference between Gallade and Gardevoir is their types and how they evolve. Gardevoir is a Psychic and Fairy type while Gallade is a Psychic and Fighting type. Gardevoir does not require any special items to evolve minus Ralts Candy, which is collected by catching copies of Ralts. When you get 100 candies, you can evolve a Kirlia into Gardevoir. To turn a Kirlia into Gallade, you need a Sinnoh Stone. These can be collected by random chance from Pokestops, special events, etc.

How To Choose Gardevoir Or Gallade

Gardevoir from Pokemon

Unfortunately, Gallade being part Fighting type makes it extremely weak to some niche matchups like Fairy and Flying types. On top of having below average stats, it just does not compare to its female version.

Thanks to its move Charm, Gardevoir can take down strong Fighting types, Dark types, and Dragon types. They have an extremely high attack base of 237, making them the perfect DPS unit. You can use them in gyms, player battles, etc. The only thing they won’t work well for is the League matches not because they are bad per say, but because there are lots of other Pokemon better suited for that. However, if your options for League units are limited, Gardevoir can work.

Overall, Gardevoir is the better choice here than Gallade because its stronger, has more utility and is far easier to get. Of course, if you just want Gallade because it’s your favorite, that’s the best option to choose.

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