The complete, unedited Azam Swati viral video is available here. Currently, this video is available on Twitter and WhatsApp. Even though Azam Swati has passed years, he spoke volumes about his wife, daughter and the leaked video during his press conference today.

Do you recognize him? He is currently a member of the parliament of this country. You know the reason for his scream. Because his wife’s bedroom video was sent to his daughters last night from an unknown number. Some claim it’s fake, while others claim someone just combined photos edited in Photoshop and called it a video.

Perhaps the saddest and heartbreaking day in the history of Pakistan has come today. A day that will always be dark. What Senator Azam Swati and his family have gone through is heartbreaking. How can one record a woman doing this that deserves our respect? We live in a society where telling the truth is punished and lying is rewarded. Lies and dishonesty are central to PTI.

Imran Khan Niazi of Tehreek-e-Insaf is spreading lies after lies while also trying to damage the reputation of our armed forces and government institutions. This popular video of Azam Swati appears to be linked to Imran Khan’s ongoing defamation campaign. According to our Prophet, the honor of a Muslim is greater than the Kaaba. In the 70s, a person is robbed and subjected to physical and mental violence. His wife is the subject of a private video. They are sobbing in the press conference but our agencies are laughing. Are we self-sufficient? Or even people?

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The moral indifference of PTI members is becoming evident day by day. Their ideology is motivated only by personal interests. When an elderly senator and his family are subjected to such humiliating torture, what can a common man expect from the powerful? Why was Azam Swati forced by Imran Khan to fabricate such a story to regain the Prime Ministership? Our country and our homes are not safe for us. Hell make them all responsible for this. I pray for you daily for peace.

I don’t believe there is anything left at this point. Our country has failed. Since Imran Niazi exists, Pakistan is a living hell for civilians and others. As a result of these tears, the unjust, the just and entire generations will perish. Swati has been a former Minister of Railways, Senator, Senior Vice President of PTI and former Minister for Drugs, Parliamentary Affairs and Science and Technology. He is an American citizen who has absconded.

I am shocked, sad and angry. Imran Khan’s conspiracy has broken me

FIA says Swati video ‘fake, edited with deep fake tools’

According to a Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) press release issued hours after Swati’s press conference, the “obscene” video circulating on the Internet has been “forensically analysed” and ” Found fake”.

According to international forensic analysis standards, “preliminary video/audio and frame-to-frame forensic analysis has been conducted on the viral video,” the agency claimed. Preliminary forensic investigations revealed that the video had been edited, combining different video clips with distorted faces.

“Further analysis revealed that photoshop was used to alter the faces in the images. The senator’s press conference in which he revealed that his concerns called for a full investigation. Mr. Azam Khan Swati filed a complaint with the FIA ​​and expressed his reservations on the grounds of accepting it as authentic.

He continued, “First of all, this is a fake video, edited with sophisticated fake tools to create confusion and discredit the senator.