Games allow players to explore different unique settings and areas that just wouldn’t be popular in real life. As a result, it’s easy to see why sci-fi franchises are so popular given how much gamers love to explore unique worlds and be amazed by the amazing sights they can experience on different habitable planets. As a result, some of the most popular video games are trying their hand at the science fiction genre with varying degrees of success.

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Some games are so good at living up to this genre that these titles end up spawning full blown franchises, although this could open the door for these IPs to be negatively impacted after a bad video game eventually comes out. Thank God the following Video game franchises have lived up to the sci-fi nickname and delivered superb video game experiences that fill their worlds and make them a joy to explore.


8/8 mass effect

mass effect is one of the best sci-fi video game franchises of all time, and this game along with makes BioWare a household name in the industry dragon time. The original trilogy brilliantly portrayed Commander Shepard’s exploits, even if many fans were split by the end.

Mass Effect: Andromeda maybe the weakest game in the series, but that still didn’t affect the legacy of mass effect as much as people thought. The release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has assuaged some of the people’s anger against BioWare, and hopefully the next game in the series will represent this iconic sci-fi IP much better.

7/8 BioShock

BioShock is Ken Levine’s main work, and the three games in this series are among the best sci-fi third-person shooters of all time. Of course, the series might not have the most overtly sci-fi setting, but it dabbles in enough elements to qualify for a place in the genre.

That BioShock Games are mostly remembered for their narratives, which on their own are really excellent. The final game in the trilogy featured an amazing storyline that was quite intriguing in its own right, and crowned one of the most iconic gaming trilogies of all time.

6/8 half-life

half-life is arguably one of Valve’s best games and shows just how adept the company really is when it actually decides to make games. The two mainline games and their expansions are pretty fun on their own Half-Life: Alyx to successfully bring the franchise into the realm of VR.

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half-lifeThe intriguing world and captivating narrative of make it a blast from start to finish. Significant investment may be required to experience the latest version, but most people would argue that the outlay is well worth it due to the excellent gameplay that players can enjoy.

5/8 Empty room

That Empty room The reboot is something fans are waiting with bated breath for, and rightly so. The first two games are some of the scariest and most immersive horror experiences players can face, with the thought of roaming around an abandoned spaceship being as terrifying as ever.

It’s unfortunate that the third game sacrificed much of what made the first two titles special, but it’s still worth playing for fans of the series. With the reboot just around the corner, many fans are excited to see what plans EA has for the future of this particular IP.

4/8 gloriole

It would be impossible to talk about critically acclaimed sci-fi video game franchises without mentioning them gloriole. Since the first game, fans have been amazed by the sheer reach gloriole and the Master Chief’s journey to save humanity from the various alien species that threaten its existence.

Every game in gloriole The series is excellent in its own right, despite some fans’ irritation at the direction this franchise has taken with its more recent installments. Thank God, Halo infinity re-established the narrative of the series and is a great title for new and existing fans to immerse themselves in…even if its multiplayer components may be sorely lacking.

3/8 Metroid

Metroid is one of Nintendo’s classic franchises that has revolutionized gaming in many ways, as is the case with most of the groundbreaking titles from this company. The newest game in this franchise, Metroid horrorproved once again why this title is loved by so many fans.

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The wondrous sense of exploration and progression is unmatched in even the most impressive Metroidvania titles. The fact that a game like Metroid: Other M The overall rating of this franchise is a testament to the high standards of Metroid are real.

2/8 border areas

That border areas Franchise combines facets of both the western and sci-fi genres to create a unique and fun experience, especially with friends! Most people refer to the third game as the black sheep of the franchise, but even this title is fun for gamers who love this series with all their hearts.

From the game’s hilarious writing to its tight first-person shooter gameplay, border areas is a great title that both new and old players will enjoy. The art style of this franchise is undoubtedly the most iconic part and a main reason why the series became so popular in the first place.

1/8 deus ex

deus ex is a legendary video franchise that many people still love to this day. The fact that the team behind these games are working on a new title following their acquisition by Embracer Group is great news for many fans.

Every game in deus ex Quite compelling on its own, the series combines facets of action-adventure and RPG systems to create a unique experience. The recent Adam Jensen duology is a great way to get acquainted with this series, even if some of its mechanics are run down compared to the first game, which has been hailed by many as one of the greatest video games of all time.

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