Game developer Fractal Projects has created a game called security room inspired by the tetris-similar inventory management of Resident Evil 4, who decides to get a remake. The game’s release date for the Nintendo Switch has also been officially announced. fan reception too security room consistently positive so far.

Capcom’s fourth installment of its classic resident Evil Franchise was innovative in many ways, both from an over-the-shoulder player perspective and through its creative approach to the inventory system for the game. Resident Evil 4 Inventory introduced a very interesting mechanic that was obviously inspired by it tetris. As soon as the idea debuted in gameplay for the well-received part, it became an instant hit with fans and was implemented into Resident Evil: Village.


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security room takes the classic resident Evil Inventory management and creates a whole new one tetris Experience for fans of both franchises. The game uses the usual inventory management features of resident Evil Games like reloading weapons to make room for other items, or combining items so they only take up a block or two. As with everyone tetris-like game, the goal is to place the shapes so that they take up neat space, like putting pieces of a puzzle together.

The difference to security room is that it offers limited inventory space, or grid space, that each item fits into. This is a challenge due to the different sizes and unique shapes of some resident Evil weapons and items. Also, the grid shapes and sizes also change, making it particularly difficult to fit larger items into small grids and still have room for several other items and so on. Players must place each assigned item on the grid to complete the puzzle and progress through all 40 handcrafted levels. Even though security room has been available on PC for quite some time, it is expected to debut on November 11th on the Nintendo Switch.

This game might be worth checking out for fans who loved it Resident Evil 4 Inventory style and those just looking for a fancy puzzle game for casual play. It’s inventive and something new and interesting within the subgenre, but it remains to be seen if the clever idea as a full standalone game is fun enough for Nintendo Switch players. Needless to say, it’s going to feel odd organizing weapons without the constant threat of zombie-like hordes and werewolf mutations to eventually worry about.

security room is currently available for PC and will debut on November 11th on the Nintendo Switch.

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