Screen Rent got an exclusive first look at a new trailer for the upcoming computer the game mahokenshi. Magical touch of turn-based strategy and deck builder, mahokenshi puts players in the role of a samurai wizard. The game comes from developer Game Source Studio, which contributes games such as: Horizon Zero Dawn: Full Version and Marvel’s Avengers – and the publisher behind it, Iceberg Interactive Strange Gardening, Retail King, chivalry 2and more.

A new trailer from Iceberg Interactive has given more information about it. Mahokenshi and a unique mix of gameplay similar in some ways to other card-based games hearthstone and kill the spireWith the addition of 3D graphics and Japanese-inspired information. The trailer shows footage of the fight in a hexagonal grid environment and shows a player using cards to make different moves while working to protect the Celestial Islands. A narrator explains how each of the four types of Mahokenshi Houses “have their own strengths, strategies and cunning to fight corruption and restore peace

Mahokenshi’s New Trailer Reveals Exciting Strategy Mechanics

This new trailer for Mahokenshi It takes a unique take on the deck-builder and turn-based tactics genres and showcases what makes the game an interesting combination of the two. This trailer highlights some of the most fighters players have seen from the game in a single video, as previous images mostly focus on the game’s story. With MahokenshiThis trailer, which is slated to launch on January 24, solidified more information on the hybrid genre title and gave players a better idea of ​​what to expect.

Four Houses Give Diversity of Mahokenshi

To love kill the spireVarious characters such as Silent and Ironclad, MahokenshiThe house system will bring into the game a wide variety of strategies that cannot be achieved with a single character type. For deck builders, having multiple characters is essential to ensure lasting replayability, and these different classes need to be both different and interesting. In what ways are these Mahokenshi The houses, each fitting the world, are unique from each other while also being well connected to the knowledge of the game, which is always promising for a game of this type.

This trailer also gave players a better look. mahokenshicertain cards show a pile that spills from multiple points onto a table. Many strategic options indicate that the game will have a different combination of deck building and narrative. Griftlands. The cards that appear refer to different strategic moves such as damage, movement, buffs such as power, and that certain terrains can provide different benefits. Basic nature of houses mahokenshi He also appears in the trailer, along with some of the characters displaying fiery and icy moves.

Players have a lot more to learn mahokenshi, but this trailer paints a clear picture of what to expect from the turn-based deck builder. Players will soon see everything Mahokenshi in the store when the game comes out computer tomorrow, January 24.

Source: Iceberg Interactive/YouTube