Rockstar Games has confirmed that a serious exploit for GTA: Online will be fixed in an upcoming game update. The issue came to light last week for computer users who reportedly let hackers take control of players’ accounts and possibly even their computers.

Turning to Twitter, the studio’s official support account said, “We are aware of potential new exploits in GTA Online for PC and aim to resolve them in a planned security-related Title Update.” A link was also shared for players to report the problems they are experiencing especially with this new exploit.

The new vulnerability was first brought to light by someone inside Rockstar Games and a community member. TezFunz2. On January 20, Tez posted an important announcement on his Twitter account, revealing that GTA: Online has been seriously exploited on PC. “New extreme exploits have emerged that allow cheaters to remotely add/remove/modify your stats and permanently corrupt your account, i.e. ban/delete,” TezFunz2 said.

Users are advised not to play GTA: Online until the issue is fixed, but Tez, if you’re going to play make sure you have an active firewall on your PC. For console users, there are no reports of this exploit affecting them. The tweet also included an image of the mod menu used by the hackers; this was showing options to “remove money”, “reset task cooldowns” or even just “broken account”.

An exact release date for the upcoming game update has not yet been confirmed by Rockstar Games, but given the severity of the issue, it is expected to be distributed sooner or later. Players are advised to make sure they have an active firewall in the meantime.