Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Austin wrapped up today’s Xbox Developer Direct showcase with the presentation of Redfall, the long-awaited collaborative first-person vampire shooter, coming to Xbox and PC later this spring.

The video features Arkane Austin’s studio director Harvey Smith, creative director Ricardo Bare, and business director Susan Kath, who passionately share their excitement about the game’s release. “Redfall is the biggest, most ambitious game we’ve ever made,” said Bare of the title, which is accessible in single-player or up to four-player co-op mode.

Using RPG and FPS gameplay elements, players will choose from four playable heroic characters, each with their own unique and customizable abilities, who face off against hostile vampires and human cultists who help them spread. The game will feature an arsenal of traditional and supernatural weapons, from sunlight-emitting lamps to shotguns or long-range sniper rifles, and of course, stakes.

Players will make their way through the immersive open world, taking down vampires to reclaim neighborhood streets one at a time. Vampires will come in different varieties, for example Shroud, a being that can shroud the surrounding area in darkness and can gradually traverse the ground to evade your attacks. Safe houses such as farms and firehouses will provide a place to escape from quests, side quests, and battles. Killing vampires in one of these missions can lead to a showdown with a powerful castle, and each neighborhood is dominated by a sub-boss vampire.

For a project dating back to 2018, it can be said that Redfall is a production that spares no expense. The visuals are breathtaking, even if vampire hunting has to be done in darker areas. Weapons and character skill trees should sound familiar enough to fans of the role-playing or FPS genres. All of this and the voice cast will give gamers a lot to lay their teeth on when this game launches in early May.