An ultimate dance party compilation video combines pulp Fiction M3GAN, Adam West’s Batman and much more. Since the beginning of motion pictures in the 1890s, dance and the art of film have been heavily intertwined, especially in the golden age of film musicals that began in the 1930s, until the popular dance films of the 1980s. flash dance, Foot Looseand Dirty Dance. However, it wasn’t until 1994 that one of the best dance sequences in history was filmed in Quentin Tarantino’s seminal masterpiece. pulp Fiction.

Now, an excellent compilation of dance parties created by comedian and filmmaker Matthew Highton combines some of the most famous dance scenes from movies and television.

Using the celebrities of John Travolta and Uma Thurman pulp Fiction basically dance, the video brings a series of famous dance moments. M3GAN1960s Batman series, Netflix Wednesday, Spider-Man 3Bully Maguire and much more. Watch the video above.

In just one minute and 15 seconds, the best dance party video manages to compress 30 of the most famous dance sequences in film and television. The video starts with: pulp Fiction and Napoleon Dynamite while showing a glimpse of 1980s classics such as flash dance, Blues Brothers, Dirty Dance, kickboxer, Breakfast Cluband Big. A few more modern additions M3GAN, Wednesdayand dance “Naatu Naatu” from the Indian blockbuster movie RRrecently won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

The final compilation includes superhero dances from Batman and Bully Maguire, specifically Adam West. spiderman 3, make well-deserved appearances. A few other unexpected but welcome additions in the video are Ross and Monica dancing. FriendsOscar Isaac from the science fiction movie old machineand Nicolas Cage Willy’s Wonderland. On the other hand, it is not surprising to see Mr. Bean’s Vacation1964s Mary Poppins, Magic Mike, Austin Forces, You received service, Saturday night fever, risky business, Woman. fire of doubtand Carlton’s dance The new prince of Bel-Air. To love pulp Fictionfew other 1990 classics in video Titanicdude from The Big Lebowskiby Jim Carrey Maskand a little forgotten Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.

Wednesday and Why M3GAN Dance Videos Go Viral

The compilation also Wednesday and M3GANher dances, which have recently become viral sensations on the Internet. These dances are fun to watch because the inherently cheerful activity contrasts with the sullen teenager and the killer robot, and numerous TikTok dance tutorials have sprung up online, inspiring audiences to copy their dance routines. The advent of social media has only increased the popularity of dance in film and television, and pulp FictionEnduring popularity to new sensations like Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday and M3GAN‘s killer baby dance doesn’t look like it’s going to go out of style anytime soon.

Source: Matthew Highton