Ashley Johnson teases Pike’s ongoing crisis of faith and more personal character stories in season 2. The Legend of Vox Machina. Inside The Legend of Vox Machina In the first season, Pike experiences a crisis of faith when he loses contact with the god Everlight, who gave him his powers after fighting Delilah Briarwood. While Vox Machina travels to Whitestone with Percy, Pike visits the Everlight shrine. When Pike finally confronts Everlight, he is forced to figure out who he is and what his path might be.

While Pike seems to have found his way back when he reunites with Vox Machina, the answers may not be as simple as they seem at first. in an exclusive interview with Screen Rent, Johnson discussed how Pike’s crisis of faith will continue in the new season. He also revealed how the animated series introduced Vox Machina in the first season but will explore who they really are in the second season.

Ashley Johnson: I think Pike’s crisis of faith last season was tested even more in season two. We met them in season one, and this season, we delve into bold and personal candid stories. Now I’m happy to be here for this.

What Kinds of Character-Driven Stories Are in the Vox Machina Season 2 Store?

while its first season The Legend of Vox Machina Introducing the team, focusing mainly on Percy’s tragic past and flashing back the trauma he and his friends suffered as they battled the people who killed his family and captured Whitestone. Pike’s story was discovered through a crisis of faith and laid the groundwork for future arcs, but many of the characters are still largely a mystery. In season two, Vox Machina will embark on a new quest to gather powerful relics that will help them fight the Chroma Conclave, the dragons that attacked Tal’Dorei.

This season will delve deeper into each member of Vox Machina through their deepest fears, past stories and relationships. Keyleth’s Aremente and the fate that this path leads him to will likely come into play, as will Grog’s darker origins and the guilt he lives with. Vox Machina will visit the Fey Realm where they will discover the pasts of Vex and Vax through their families. The Legend of Vox Machina Season two will likely build on the relationships introduced in the first season: close friendships like Grog and Pike, the complex sibling dynamic between Vex and Vax, and the stagnant potential love between Keyleth and Vax.

The Legend of Vox Machina It laid the groundwork for many stories, but Pike’s story can be particularly exciting because, unlike other characters, he was absent from most of the original campaign. Johnson was working on the NBC series. Blind spotShot in New York, so Pike was often missing from the table. Now, Pike’s story with Vox Machina can be explored more fully by incorporating him into story beats and even arcs where he wasn’t originally. While other characters will likely follow their arc critical role, Pike can have new character kicks or an entirely new bow. The Legend of Vox Machina.