Recently, a Pharah player was put in the spotlight when he won Play of the Game in a match surveillance 2, although the excitement was quickly cut short when the player accidentally blew himself up while going in to secure the team kill. Play of the Game clips surveillance 2 have long served players as a way to show their friends their best moments, even when not every play goes according to plan.

The Play of the Game feature has been around as long as that over watch Series itself has, and always has, done a lot to bring a sense of accomplishment to players who are able to rack up a large enough multikill to make it stand out at the end of a game. However, a player’s moment of triumph can be quickly marred by a pang of embarrassment when things go wrong, and it’s not uncommon for a player’s death to also be recorded if they are killed at any point during the clip’s duration. Such glitches are often a source of even greater entertainment, however, as a viral clip from the past shows a Genji player getting the game of the game for being dead.


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This particular clip involving a Pharah and the misuse of a high explosive rocket launcher was captured and shared on the over watch subreddit by user Xechwill. The clip shows them playing as Pharah, charging into the fray and taking out the enemy Hanzo before unleashing Pharah’s ultimate ability to knock down almost everyone else on the enemy team. Unfortunately, the player got a little too excited when he went in to finish off the enemy team’s tank and blew himself up with his own gun after getting too close to his intended target.

surveillance 2 brought with it a huge list of new content and changes to almost every aspect of the original game, although the community doesn’t necessarily see each of these changes as an improvement. When it comes to raw gameplay, arguably one of the most consequential changes has been the move from 6-player teams to only 5-player teams. While smaller team sizes put more emphasis on teamwork and theoretically make it easier for players to stack up team kills, many fans have reservations about the consequences that come with the changes to tank heroes, which become more meaningful in gameplay by now having just one per team there.

While many players are more comfortable with this gameplay formula change in general, there are a few other issues surveillance 2 at the moment, including poor matchmaking in ranked game modes and shop prices that are extremely unpopular with fans. While the game is still going strong in its second season, fans are urging Blizzard to better address some players’ most pressing concerns.

surveillance 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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