WWE Stone Cold is eager to get Steve Austin back in the ring, and given the quality of the stars he’s been asked to work with, that’s obvious. Texas Rattlesnake came out of retirement for a game against Kevin Owens. WrestleMania 38. This match was better than it should have been, and quite solid sports entertainment was one of the highlights of the weekend. Stone Cold Steve Austin kept his form after his match against Owens, leading to speculation that he might return for another fight in the future.

Earlier this week, Fightful Select reported that WWE had offered Austin a match against Roman Reigns, noting that the added dollar figure was huge. That report has since been refuted by Dave Meltzer, who has spoken on the January 24 episode of Wrestling Observer Radio.. Referring to Sean Ross Sapp’s post, Meltzer said: “The match played was not Roman Reigns. It was Brock Lesnar.“After Monday night.” raw 30 On the show, longtime wrestling insider Lesnar Vs. Stone Cold is not on the table for now. “But as you can almost tell from tonight’s show, it’s not happening… It’s not starting.(thanks to Sean Rueter of CagesideSeats.com for h/t and transcription)

WWE Looks Committed To Forward Without Stone Cold Steve Austin

Rumors of Stone Cold Steve Austin returning to the WWE ring have been swirling for months. At one point, there were some rumors that a match was being discussed between him and CM Punk. Now, over the past few days, fans have been told that Austin has been offered big paydays to wrestle two of the biggest names in sports entertainment today, Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. If those blank checks and major events didn’t convince Stone Cold to redraw, then it’s best to let WrestleMania 38 being the first goodbye he never received.

Regardless of which of these conflicting reports is true, it seems clear that WWE is good at moving forward without a Steve Austin match on the marquee. WrestleMania 39. Neither Fightful nor Wrestling Observer News have clarified exactly when the proposed Stone Cold matches will take place, but at this point “season,” the only major scene remaining is the Display of the Immortals. Raw 30, Lesnar will likely compete with Bobby Lashley. In December, Gunther Vs. Lesnar was written for ‘Mania’, but that wasn’t the case. For what it’s worth, Meltzer told him on Wrestling Observer Radio “now“That game didn’t happen.

Seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin WrestlingMania 39 it would be fun, but not at the expense of the longer stories WWE has been knitting over the past few months. Lesnar and Lashley don’t appear together much on TV, but this match has been developing for a long time. Crown Jewels. This could happen beforefrenzyhowever Screening Room This may not be a big enough show for a bang. And it wouldn’t go WWE There’s plenty of time to find new angles this close to Lashley and Lesnar. WrestleMania 39. Not falling for Stone Cold’s The Bloodline angle turned out to be best for the job whenever it happens.

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