A lot of details have surfaced lately Final Fantasy 16 per interviews with its director and producer, but the latest comes from a surprise PS5 trailer. Sony recently released a video titled “PlayStation 5 – Play Like Never Before” highlighting several of its features and games such as: God of War Ragnarok and Final Fantasy 16.

Many attentive fans noticed the “small print”, so to speak Final Fantasy 16The presence of reveals an important new detail regarding its timed exclusivity. In fact, the fans knew it Final Fantasy 16 has been a timed PS5 exclusive since its announcement, but hasn’t announced for how long. Many thought it would take some time as Final Fantasy 7 Remake was a PlayStation exclusive for a year and even after that ended it has only come out for PC so far.


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Either way, fans should know this Final Fantasy 16The temporary exclusivity period of is shorter than FF7R, with the trailer stating that it’s exclusive for the first six months of its launch. Of course, that doesn’t mean that fans should expect Final Fantasy 16 to Xbox once this period ends. It will probably move to PC as soon as possible, but how FF7R still not available on Xbox, it’s highly unlikely that the platform is a high priority for Square (or perhaps even more likely that it’s part of a larger ongoing deal between Sony and Square Enix).

This information is certainly helpful for fans, but it should also be noted that the trailer notes that it is “expected” for summer 2023. The choice of words here is undoubtedly deliberate; according to a recent interview with Yoshi-P, Final Fantasy 16 could appear before summer 2023. He also believes Square Enix will be able to give a confirmed release date before the end of the year. Other recently revealed details include an upcoming playable demo, a new game plus and multiple difficulty options at launch, and more.

Unfortunately, not all was good news. When asked about diversity in the land of Valisthea, many felt that Yoshi-P’s explanation based on “reality” and “fantasy” in the larger world of Valisthea was just a lackluster excuse. Final Fantasy 16The lack of diversity has caused controversy since the reveal, especially when the explanation is that while giant eikons, world-ruling crystals, and chocobos exist in the world, the reality of the setting and its inspiration is being subverted.

Final Fantasy 16 Releases until summer 2023 for PS5.

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