Warning: SPOILER for episode 377 of My Hero Academia.

heroes My Hero Academy face their worst failure at their most important task. During the final battle against the villains, Pro Heroes had to use clever tactics to make up for the difference in power, but these strategies have already failed and the villains have taken over, heralding a terrible fate for the entire world.

As the final battle between Pro Heroes and All For One-led villains approached, the odds were largely on the villains’ side. To stand a chance of winning, the heroes devised a cunning strategy to divide the enemy forces and trap them on elaborate battlefields. This classic “divide and conquer” strategy was based on the fact that the villains no longer had access to a powerful teleport Quirk, as Kurogiri was locked safely in the prison while the heroes copied the Quirk Warp Gate and used it to teleport the bad guys. . . However, this plan has already failed and the heroes face an inevitable defeat.

After Spinner successfully frees Kurogiri from prison, the villains instantly use the Quirk Warp Gate to teleport him and Himiko Toga to key battlefields. Toga uses Quirk, Transform to copy the power of the deceased Twice, and uses his Double to create an army of endless clones that will surely defeat the hero’s powers. Worse still, in episode 377 My Hero Academy Toga and Kurogiri arrive at UA High School, where Deku and the other heroes are fighting a desperate battle against Shigaraki. Toga clones can disrupt the combination of Monoma and Aizawa’s Oddities that hinder Shigaraki’s powers. Now, the most dangerous villain in history is free to use all his quirks to destroy Japan and the entire world.

Heroes’ Last Battle-Winning Strategy Has Already Crashed

Although the powers of the villains were stronger, the clever strategy of the heroes gave them the upper hand in this battle. His weak spot, however, was that he relied too much on Kurogiri to stay out of battle, and the heroes made a crucial mistake by not protecting him enough. Only a few junior Pro Heroes and some students were tasked with defending the hospital where Kurogiri was held captive, and they were not enough to stop Spinner and his army of mutants. Kurogiri’s strength was key to this battle, and now that the Warp Gate is back in the hands of the villains, the heroes have lost their tactical advantage. Along with Toga using Twice’s Quirk, this turned an already difficult battle into an impossible one.

It’s hard to see how heroes can change the situation again. The Double provides the villain with an endless supply of manpower, and the Warp Gate gives them absolute mobility. Pro Heroes are now unmanned, poorly maneuverable, and are hopelessly defeated once Shigaraki is free. This was the most important task for the heroes. My Hero AcademyThe fate of the entire world is at stake, and they have utterly failed unless future chapters of the manga show that there is still hope to win this war.

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