Warning: SPOILER for episode 128 of My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academy‘s most vicious villains are unleashed upon the world. After All For One’s escape from the maximum security Tartarus Prison, a large number of villains have been released, which will put even more pressure on the few remaining heroes.

in the world My Hero AcademyOddities are supernatural powers possessed by 80% of the population. While most people are content to live a normal life, few use their quirks to commit crimes, or worse yet, to get rid of their worst instincts. That’s why heroes exist to protect the world from villains and criminals, capture them and send them to special prisons. Tartarus is the most infamous of these places, a maximum security facility that has been driven away from civilization, where only the worst criminals are sent for questioning and arrest, including the greatest villain ever, the evil All For One.

in chapter 128 My Hero AcademyTartarus“, Tomura Shigaraki, after escaping capture during the Paranormal War of Liberation, comes to prison to rescue his master, All For One. Shigaraki’s forces and armies of Nomus are too much for even Tartarus’ impressive defenses, and All For One walks away. But the traitor’s plan was to free not only himself, but also other criminals, especially B10, who was held at the deepest level. These are the worst criminals of Quirk society, even the death penalty was not considered enough for them. including the villains Muscular, Moonfish and Overhaul who are free to wreak havoc.

Tartarus Escapees, The Worst Villains Heroes Have Faced

Those held in Tartarus are no ordinary villains. Although nominally a prison, the facility serves as an effective dumping ground for those who greatly threaten public safety. These aren’t the insane, vicious criminals and the usual costumed villains who are content to rob banks. This is evident from the heavy handing of prisoners incarcerated in Tartarus, forcing them to sit in a full-body straitjacket on a large, high-tech chair, and being fed through EV tubes, as seen on All For One. For this reason, it is considered “Tartarus”.The dark side of Quirk society“The prison is even accused of violating human rights. But it also shows that the young protagonists of the show will have to fight their toughest battles from now on.

All For One’s plan to unleash these criminals is to keep the heroes busy while also further weakening their public status, causing the villains to go wild as the defeated Pro Heroes are too weak to stop them. Therefore, besides Tartarus, Shigaraki and All For One demolished other prisons in Japan, freeing the prisoners. In the coming episodes, Deku, as the heir to One For All, must step up and take on all his duties to stop the world’s most vicious villains. My Hero Academy ever seen

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