Mukundan Unni Associates is going to talk about the box office collection of Malayalam movie here where you will get to see the box office collection report of this first day. The collection is also available to see in many different ways.

With the bright light, you get to see here what the hits and flops of the movie and what the budget has been given because we do not get to see any special information about it anyway, but still we gonna tell you here

That in the end, how you can enjoy this film, the movie has been released in theaters on November 11, 2022 and since then you can easily watch the movie till now, its first day’s earnings. And about the total collection and the budget which is given in the table below, you can add people.

Mukundan Unni Associates Day 1 Box Office Collection

Mukundan Unni Associates Day 1 Box Office Collection | budgets | hit or flop & more
Mukundan Unni Associates Day 1 Box Office Collection | budgets | hit or flop & more
movie name Mukundan Unni Associates
release date 11th November 2022
day 1 collection 0.20 cr * expected
total collection 2.5 cr * approx
budgets ₹ 5 Cr * Approx
hit or flop pending
director Abhinav Sunder Nayak
language Malayalam
cast Tanvi Ram, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Ranjith Balakrishnan, Manikandan

The name of the movie is Mukundan Unni Associates which was released on 11th November 2022 and its dial key collection is zero decimal 20 crores to watch approx, whose total collection for life time is 2.5 crores to see the collection and its budget. He gets to see about 5 crores, tell that whose director Abhinav Sundar Nayak has directed Modi.

And its language is available to be seen in Malayalam language, in which you will see many actors acting in Starcut such as their name is Tanvi Ram, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Ranjith Balakrishnan, by Manikandan or get to watch the film. Let us tell you that this film is very good where you people also get to see differently, the language of the movie is available to watch Malayalam language.

And in Starcut by Chandiram and Vineeth Srinivasan and Ranjit Balakrishnan and Mani Kandan to know much more attention information in this, you can also watch people here, tell that it is better than the film and you also tell people to watch it. Let’s say pretty much only different types

Mukundan Unni Associates movie budgets

In the budget of Mukundan Unni Associates Movie, it is seen that the film has been prepared by putting a budget of about Rs 5 crore, tell that 5 crore is a very low amount, especially for the film industry because if here The film was prepared by investing Rs 5 crore, you have not invested any special money here.

And let us tell you that the collection of the early days of the movie is not available to be seen by anyone, but there is no official information about it, that’s why you guys are here. Any information about the movie will not be provided by us, nor do you get to watch it here, so you also cannot easily do this with many information here.

Mukundan Unni Associates movie hit or flop

Talking about the hit and flop of Mukundan Unni Associates movie, then let us tell you that this movie will be a hit or a flop or a total depends on its collection, but it will also prove to be almost low again because by putting 5 crore rupees against it. and it has also been released in theaters or send a Malayalam language film that regional film is available to watch either you guys can enjoy this film if you want

Which can also be a very good film, to watch the movie, you get to see all the facilities here, whatever you can see along with telling you, tell you at the wedding that the hit and flop of this movie There is much more information about this, here you get to see people, then you people are also not easily able to see that Modi is not even better and you did people in which to see things for me. Is the owner