More Beautiful Than You (Senden Daha Guzel)

More Beautiful Than You (Senden Daha Guzel) Tv Series


Original Title: Senden Daha Guzel
English Title: More Beautiful Than You
Also Known As: The Beauty Inside
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Episodes: 8 (each episode is 120-150 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Fox TV
Broadcast Period: 7 June 2022 – Present
Production Company: Gold Film
Director: Deniz Kolos (episode 1); Hakan Kirvavac (Ketche) (episodes 2 and more)
Screen Writer: Ayse Uner Kutlu
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


Efsun (Cemre Baysel) is a young and beautiful girl who works as a dermatologist in a small village. She has a cozy life and lives happily together with her father on a village farm. She has never seen her mother since she was a little child.

Efsun’s life changes all of a sudden when she hears back from her long-lost mother Pervin.

Pervin (Ebru Cundubeyoglu) becomes a top plastic surgeon and runs the best beauty clinic in the clinic. She has some health problems and needs to have an operation. She needs to be away from her beauty clinic for 3 months. During this time, she wants her daughter to run the beauty clinic on her behalf.

Efsun comes to Istanbul for a day. She thinks that her mother stays in the intensive care unit and wants to see her. She just wants to say how she feels to her mother before she passes away. When she learns that she is deceived and dragged from her village home without any reason, she immediately wants to leave Istanbul.

Efsun does not want to run the beauty clinic and wants to return to her cozy life. However, her mother Pervin threatens to take away her village farm. Efsun has two choices: she will either run the beauty clinic for three months or she will lose the village farm where her father lives.

Efsun has nothing to do but to accept to run the beauty clinic for 3 months. She needs to run the clinic together with a successful plastic surgeon Emir (Burak Celik).

Emir is the most successful plastic surgeon in the beauty clinic. He is handsome, arrogant, and a womanizer. He does not like the idea of running the clinic together with Efsun and hence, he decides to make everything difficult for her so that she would be unsuccessful.

Efsun finds her new life very difficult. She needs to get used to chaotic city life as well as the world of plastic surgery. She hides the fact that she is the daughter of Pervin. For this reason, she chooses a difficult path.

More Beautiful Than You (Senden Daha Guzel) tv series story is about a young girl Efsun who moves to Istanbul to run a beauty clinic when her long-lost mother reappears. Will Efsun and Emir eventually get along well? Will Efsun and Emir compete with each other or decide to cooperate? Will Efsun get used to her new urban life? Will Efsun and Emir become successful at running a beauty clinic?

More Beautiful Than You (Senden Daha Guzel) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Tugce Kumral as Sirin
  • Anil Celik as Mete
  • Gozde Kaya as Gulden
  • Merve Sen as Binnur
  • Aziz Caner Inan as Taner
  • Cem Kurtoglu as Ferdi
  • Kimya Gokce Aytac as Canan
  • Ozan Kaya Oktu as Cem Demirhan
  • Yunus Eski as Sarp
  • Beril Kolcu as Burcu
  • Sena Cakir as Asli
  • Mutlunur Lafci as Aynur
  • Hakan Dinckol as Ali Bicakci
  • Necmi Yapici as Bahaattin


Efsun (Cemre Baysel):