Modern Warfare 2: Connection Interrupted by User Error Fix

If you’re getting a Modern Warfare 2 Connection Interrupted by User Error, there’s a quick and easy fix. All you have to do is just stop tapping the cancel button when the game is connecting to the server.

How to fix Connection Interrupted by User error in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 Connection interrupted by user error fix

As stated above, when you press the button to stop the connection, you’ll get the Connection Interrupted by User error in Modern Warfare 2. It seems strange that there’s a weirdly worded error displayed for doing this, which can make things confusing.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to accidentally cancel out of the server connection dialog by pressing the confirm button one too many times. There’s no confirmation dialog to double-check that you really want to stop connecting. It just instantly stops and displays the error.

Luckily, if you do accidentally cancel, you can immediately start connecting again by pressing the confirm button one more time. Then, the game should work as expected.

Hopefully, the developers at Infinity Ward will make the whole process a little less touchy or at least make the error message more helpful. As it stands, the entire thing makes it seem a lot more dire than just canceling the server connection.


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