In Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesHer uncle Aaron appears in an easy-to-miss scene that a fan has now pointed out. Uncle Aaron is a complicated character with a shady past, and his sister-in-law, Miles’ mother Rio, knows this, which is why he’s sidelined and out of sight. In addition to having a difficult relationship with his sister, Uncle Aaron lives a double life as The Prowler, juggling his villain, sometimes at odds with his nephew Miles, who he knows is Spider-Man.


As far as anti-heroes go, The Prowler is a less advanced Iron Man with a Black Cat penchant for breaking into locations and stealing advanced technology. Aaron Davis had been involved in theft since he was young, and his brother Jefferson urged him to stop. While Aaron promised, his theft escalated and he developed a suit using parts he either created himself or stole. His suit, combined with his natural athleticism and intelligence, make him a suspicious opponent who specializes in sabotage and deception. He can be found anywhere Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales in various scenes, from sneaking into Roxxon’s labs to powering the subways.

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Reddit user bananaman-thaaf posted that while he bought the game in January 2021, he only now noticed that Uncle Aaron can be found and interacted with in the area prior to Rio’s speech against Roxxon and their experimental fuel, Nuform . On the path leading to the stage, Miles can talk to a girl painting a mural, Gloria, and just before the stage, to the left of a volunteer booth, Uncle Aaron can be seen leaning on a transformer. He can be interacted with and assured Miles that he will leave before Rio sees him. But not everyone seems to have played Spider-Man: Miles Morales found him.

The post asked others how long it had taken them to notice humble Uncle Aaron, and the responses were pretty mixed. While many Reddit users were incredulous that anyone could possibly have gone through the game without seeing it, almost half of the responses featured stories similar to Bananaman-Thaaf. That was right after the point in the game when Uncle Aaron found out Miles was Spider-Man and added to his suit. Some players found it hard to miss. However, some users reported that they didn’t see him standing there until their fourth playthrough. Of course, The Prowler is stealthy and good at flying under the radar, but maybe too good.

Uncle Aaron’s complicated relationship with Miles stems from his own delinquency, the same reason his brother wanted him out of his life. However, the drifter has a pivotal role in the story that could help redeem him. Uncle Aaron really cares about Rio and Miles and his community. Despite knowing Spider-Man’s secret identity, he did not use it against him or attempt to harm him, and instead began to descend more into Miles’ brand of vigilantism. While it’s hard to tell if Uncle Aaron will stick with this new path or return to stealing again, he will always take care of his brother’s family.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is available for PS5, PS4 and PC.

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