Marvel snap will soon let you play against your friends so you have a companion to say “just one more” to.

Seems like you can’t go five seconds without Marvel Snap popping up somewhere on the timeline a minute. The only problem is that you can’t play with your friends except by a happy coincidence. But according to a new roadmap, the vs. friends battle mode will be introduced some time in the future. However, an exact start date has not yet been announced.

In the new mode, you start a match with 10 health and if you win, deal damage to your opponent equal to the game’s bet. If you doubled and snapped, your friend will take four points of damage instead of two, but you can retreat early and deal just one damage instead. You then keep playing with your friend until one of you runs out of health.

This mode is only listed as a mode currently under development, along with a few other features. Unranked mode gives you a more casual way of playing as you don’t risk losing a rank in this mode and is meant to be a good way to test out new decks and strategies. Also coming soon are Collector Tokens, a free currency you can use to unlock cards you most want in the shop.

In terms of what’s coming to the game soon, Marvel Snap will see a global release on Android and iOS soon enough (again, no specific date), with plans to localize it in 13 languages. PC early access is also on the way, and a variant rarity system is also coming, meaning some cards will be cheaper while others will be more expensive depending on rating.

Currently, things like new competitive modes, guilds, in-game events, an infinity leaderboard, collectible emotes and card emojis, and mythical variants are all in the concept stages, although none of this has been detailed. Marvel Snap is working to let you play with friends