Love Today which is a love story movies has come to the cinemas of India on 4th November 2022, which is available to see the film that Hindi language i.e. coming out of Bollywood or I have got to see among you guys, is this movie Has it been a hit or a flop and how much budget was spent in it and how much box office collection has been done in the world

Here I am going to give you Asari data according to Wikipedia, let us tell you that this film which is available to watch Love Today is very good and a kind of love romantic drama film which is being liked by the people in theatres. Is

And if seen at present time then this love story film no demand label is also very high in which you guys have been done very well from start yogi babu to akshay kumar and raveena ravi and pradeep i hope That you must have liked this film, here let us tell you that whatever it is, you also get to see a lot of different types of things, which will make the film much better to watch.

Love today 2022 hit or flop

movie name Love today
release date 4 November 2022
hit or flop need for hit 36 Crores worldwide in business
total budgets 18 Crores
ww box office collection est. ₹19 crore (Day 3)
language Hindi
director Pradeep
cast Radhika Sarathkumar, Sathyaraj, Yogi Babu, Akshaya Udayakumar, Raveena Ravi, Pradeep Ranganathan
Love today 2022 hit or flop
Love today 2022 hit or flop & total budgets

The name of the movie is Love Today which has been released on 4th November 2022, if we talk about the hit and flop, then this movie will need about 36 crores to become a hit, where the house does business in the world wide. If so, then that it will be considered a superhit because the movie has told that the world has collected a total of 19 crores in the world within just 3 days.

Which according to Wikipedia is available to see the data if the movie talks about the hit and flowers, the movie can also be almost a hit because the collection of the movie is very good to see, whose box office collection is very good. Along with being effective, you also get to watch, so if you guys want, you can enjoy this film.

Let us tell you that the love story film is the hit and flop of Love Today 2022 and its budget, here you people probably get to see enough information about them, tell you whether Love Today is a film or a lot. It is much better and you get to see the information in many different ways.

Love today 2022 movie total budgets

The film has been prepared by putting a total budget of ₹ 1800000000 for Love Today 2022 movie, which includes the advertisement price and cost price and the production price has also been included. Today 2022 film has been prepared and let us tell you that this film is very good.

It is available to watch only the best so that you people also get all the facilities to watch the movie here or tell that the film is very good and a good amount is available to watch the film of average budget, then if you If people want, then the film of average budget will be available to watch here and you can definitely watch this movie once or somewhere because it is a very good movie to watch.