Kartoot is about the box office collection of the movie, but it is going to tell which was its day wise collection, it is the budget and the hits and flops will be discussed. You get to see people and since then, information is being provided here in front of you people.

Let us tell you that if you people want to watch Karutt movie, then here you people have been issued the best information about them too, you can easily see the box office collection of Karutt movie in this way. Let us tell you that the box office collection of the film has not been very good.

Because from the beginning it can be seen that none of its official box office collection has been released nor any information has been given about its budget, that’s why you guys have to know about it in sufficient quantity here. Information can not be provided let me tell you that anyway or may be very good box office collection report which is provided here in front of you guys

Kartoot Box Office Collection

Kartoot Box Office Collection | day wise | budgets | hit or flop & more
Kartoot Box Office Collection | day wise | budgets | hit or flop & more
Movie Name Kartoot
Release date 11 November 2022
Box office collection 10.00 Cr (Life Time)
Budget 10-15 Cr (Near about)
Hit Or Flop prnding
Director Anil Dutt
Cast Madalsa Sharma, Piyush Ranade , Himani Shivpuri , Shubhangi Latkar, Anup Jalota
language hindi

The name of the movie is Kartoot which has been released on November 11, 2022 and its box office collection can be collected up to ₹ 100000000 which you guys get to watch here, let us tell you that the budget of the movie. That is, this film has been prepared by investing about 10 to 15 crore rupees, let us tell you that its hit and flop.

She still does not get to see the information whether it is pending or not and the total budget of the film has also been prepared by putting a very good budget if she also earns money equal to her budget. Then the movie will prove to be a hit there.

Let us tell you that in the star cast, whose director Anil Dutt has directed the movie, you see many actors and actresses working, whose names are Madalsa Sharma, Piyush Ranade, Himani Shivpuri, Shubhangi Latkar, Anup Jalota. Very good acting has been done by him, so if you want, you can also enjoy his films.

Kartoot movie budgets

The film has been prepared by putting the budget of Kartoot movie around 10 to 15 crores which is available to watch a love story of drama romance film which is released in theaters on 11th November 2022 and you guys can easily see it. together you can go there and see

Kartoot movie hit or flop

The hit and flop of Kar Doodh movie also depends on its box office collection and budget, how much budget of the movie has been invested and what is its box office collection to watch. If 10 to ₹ 150000000 is available to see, then it can be seen in such a situation.

That the box office collection of the movie is not available for any special viewing, then that movie becomes a flop. If she is equal to her budget, then at least the box then goes somewhere, so in this way you must also pay attention here that I am also very good and you should also see or not, then you guys You can definitely enjoy this movie once