Jimmy Kimmel Plunges into Trump’s Terrifying QAnon Rally

Donald Trump is fully QAnon and Jimmy Kimmel has some concerns.

On Monday night, the late-night host shared footage from the former president’s last rally in Youngstown, Ohio over the weekend, where supporters could raise their index fingers to appear to represent the QAnon slogan: “Where we go, we all go.” “

“All these people are reacting to what sounds like a QAnon song that Trump’s people played at the rally,” Kimmel explained. “They’re holding up a single finger, that’s one, which is their average IQ I think.”

“It now appears that Trump has fully embraced the insanity,” he continued, “because these are the only people who still believe there is a conspiracy against him. Things are getting very crazy out there.”

On a lighter note — no pun intended — Kimmel highlighted the part of Trump’s speech at the rally in which he called out “one of his biggest, and I meant that literally, fans.”

In the clip, Trump gave props to one of his supporters for losing 150 pounds, while also telling him, “I wouldn’t say he’s short right now, but that’s a lot of weight.”

“Is this a compliment?” asked Kimmel, laughing. “Trump seems unaware of his own size.” As another example, he cited Trump’s recent photo of Chris Christie “trying to comfort himself” at a Roy Rogers rest stop. “He’s a terrible person, but sometimes he’s funny, you have to admit that.”

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