Wordl is back today with another mysterious five letter word. Fans of this word puzzle game will be signing up from all over the world and many of them will have quite a problem. Some may be looking for clues, help with the rules, strategies to win Wordlor even just the complete answer to today’s Word.

How to play Wordle

Wordl is one of the many small games available on the New York Times Games website. It was purchased by the newspaper giant back in February 2022 and can only be seen at NYT Wordl website and the crossword app. Other versions have different answers than those listed here, and they may have slightly different rules as well.


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To play Wordl, players must first choose a word. This word:

  • Must be five letters long and a real word.
  • Cannot be a proper name.
  • Should not be a plural noun ending in S or ES.
  • Shouldn’t be a predecessor Wordl riddle answer.
  • Should contain a good selection of common letters.
  • Can have repeated letters.

Once you’ve chosen a good seed word, put it in the Wordl Grid and press Enter. The letters of the start word then change their colour.

  • Green letters = correct
  • Gray letters = wrong
  • Yellow letters = correct but in the wrong place in the word

Given these clues, players must keep trying new words and watching their letters change as well. Players have a total of six attempts to find the answer before losing the game. Every day at midnight local time there is a whole new puzzle.

Notes for Wordle 577 for January 17, 2023

the Wordl While the word of the day isn’t the hardest puzzle ever, it might pose a bit of a challenge for some players. This word has a few key features that might make it tricky. So here’s a little help for players who want it.

Answer for Wordle 577 for January 17, 2023

If anyone is still at a loss, they can check below. the full of spoilers Is there.

Wordle screenshot

The answer to Wordl Puzzle 577 is TO ADOPT.

Wordl is available for every browser.

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Source: Wordle, Reddit

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